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I have received several pictures of an original 32 Ford sedan delivery from my friend in Canada. John took these pictures at the Deuce Dearborn 75th show. I have featured several of these cars over the last few months as my friend George is building a first class hot rod delivery from a sedan. John points out several features that were unique to the delivery. Steve in Illinois would probably like to see these as he is building one also from a kit from someone in Kansas. I have also included a website that features a conversion. Of course, if you want the best, take it to Fastlane and have Dave repeat a Poteet unit for you.

Jerry Johnson of Streetscene fame build a delivery out of a real one and had one of the first ones. Ed in Minnesota also built a green beauty in the late 70’s. Ed’s car were always the best in my mind. Several originals still exist in LA. Among them are Julian Alvarez, Ty Fromke, and Skip Ziegler to name a few.
As you can tell, I have always been a sedan delivery person, so I have made it a point to keep track of the ones I know about. Maybe some day……….

Stay Tooned!

Get the roadster out and drive it this weekend.


Cool Delivery Web Site


Original 32 Ford sedan delivery at Dearborn.


Notice rear door is framed in wood not metal. This is the way George and Jim Hendricks did his.


Same goes for the inner opening structure. All wood and screws.


I have never seen one of these, but it is a real sedan delivery bumper. Curved or what!


Bumper brackets were 1 1/2 inch shorter than stock. My friend Bob makes and sells these brackets.



Lil’John Stuff. Cool water pumps from the 90’s. These are two new old stocks that I have on ebay.

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