Friday’s Tech

Friday this year will be Tech day. I enjoy the design, fabrication and installation process more than any phase of building a Hot Rod. I will feature some of my own projects plus those of others who send me their accomplishments. I find true satisfaction from the process even if I have to make it twice. Yes, my ideas don’t always work. I find Jalopy Journal the best source for viewing construction projects and often PM the builder for his/her assistance in my own projects. Here are some items for your viewing.

Please feel free to send me any projects you are working on.

Stay Tooned!



Any good roadster project should start with a QC rear end. This is a Winters V8 with early axles.


If you don’t like the QC you should choose the smooth back Hot Rod 9 inch rear axle.


You can save yourself a lot of money if you purchase a ready made. This one is from P&J …$14K.


Ionia has built a reputation on frame construction featuring dimpled holes and original looking frames. I personally think these are very pleasing to the eye and add to the current retro look.


Here is an original frame with some home spun fabrication that looks great and well thought out.


Center crossmember of above frame. This would be easy to do at home.


1940 Ford frame with P&J components. I have used these on several frames and for about a $1000 you have a well engineering frame that you can do at home.



32 hiboy sedan on HRHL for only $69K. This is a nice car out of Nebraska.

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