Friday’s Tech

TGIF….what a week! Doctors, Cars, finding a sedan delivery and Deuce that fulfills my dreams. WOW! The pain goes away if you keep your mind busy.

While Friday has been the day I write about progress on my projects, today, due to my surgery, I am going to show you some interesting motors in 1940 Fords. I have never seen so much “Bling” under the hood of of some of these cars. Most forty Ford owners put a small block Chevy under the hood and from there on it gets pretty creative on how much they can spend on accessories and chrome.

Next… 1940 Ford dash modifications….more “Bling”

Have a Look!

Enjoy the weekend!



Big Block Chevy with Bling


Flathead, note Smith Heads, water outlets!


SBC normal setup


SBC more Bling than design


LT4 with too much cover up


Too much of everything


Very nicely done crate motor with paint, some chrome and lots of class….personal opinion!

Sneak Peek


Tim’s beautiful pair of 40’s

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