Friday’s Tech

WOW! This has been some week. The hernia operation went well from the doctor’s perspective but from the patient’s viewpoint…OUCH! I will make this short as sitting with my new carbon fiber patch with polished stainless steel button heads still hurts a bit. Here a are some photos of my 32 Brookville roadster project that I purchased at Fathers Day. This is truly a kit car in my mind and everyone has one except for me. I should have one, so here I go again.

Have a great weekend!

Stay tuned for more great cars next week…I promise.



Deuce Frame Company kit


Frame jig I built, not bad for a home project


Model A rear crossmember for Quick Change

Previous post has the new Winters/early Ford QC in photos


Henry Ford (Brookville) had plenty available

This is the least expensive Deuce you can purchase….believe me I have looked.

Sneak Peek


I should have this nice 40 coupe to drive while building my roadsters. I agree!

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