Friday’s Tech

I am posting some pictures of my 33 roadster frame that I built in my garage without using a jig. I think it came out pretty nice.

This morning I visited a shop with a friend of mine to see about having my 32 frame done in a jig. I have always used tubing through the body bolt holes to hold the frame in shape, but I think I will let the pros do this one. I will post some pictures next Friday of the Deuce frame.

I enjoy the fabrication of the chassis more than any process of building a Hot Rod. I guess it is my engineering background, but super fabrication and welding are really works of art to me. I don’t possess that talent yet, but I am trying hard to learn. Old age doesn’t do much for a steady hand and good eye hand coordination. It sure is fun to try!

Have a good weekend. Lots going on….Early Times Picnic, Road Kings, Long Beach….LA is the best.



Front Brakes, Wilson Welding/Buick


Front Spreader Bar


Steering and Header clearance


Teardrop for radius rod mount

Next Friday I will show the completed frame and body

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