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I am late today as I spent the day in the hospital having a test done. Old Age is great. After coming home and feeling inspired after having good news about the test, I started putting together my parts for next years sedan project. I am a scrounger so I buy everything on ebay or swap meets. I am excited after realizing I have so many parts to use. I am sure I have more, but can’t remember where I stashed them so the wife wouldn’t see them. I know you have done that also. Right!

I would like to build a 5 window coupe instead of a sedan, so I put the word out that I would trade a sedan body for a 5 window. Good Luck. I may even buy a Wescott 5 window if he gets them soon. I talked to Carl and he is not sure when they will start producing the body. He plans on offering a chopped version with roadster quarters. Dave Lane did this on Poteet’s car. My friend George has one but is hanging on to it for a future build. I keep asking him. I think I have been influenced by Dave’s 3 window and Bobo’s chopped 5 window. Thanks for the rides. Good friends are priceless.

Have a good weekend. I am going to the Woody parade in Malibu to see the Woodies.

Stay Tooned!

Happy Holidays



Ebay find…new Winters V8, polished for $1000. Brand new with ring and pinion plus differential. This one takes the early Ford axle tubes which I much prefer over the aluminum side bells. Now to find some axle tubes.


Why I prefer the Winters…notice end housings and bearing installation. Very well engineered and you can call them or Dutchman for info and parts.


Rear gear housing with the correct splines and retainers for “Quiet Gears”.


Note the beefy pinion support. Much, much stronger than the Halibrand.


Note required rib in the front section for the six pack start after the party.


I made these bearing supports for the alignment bar while welding the 9 inch Ford rear axle bearing ends. They work great. Donnie has a new 2 inch bar so I will open up the 1 1/2 inch hole to accept the new bar.


Found these at Long beach for $30 bucks. DD plus Vega spline for steering shaft.


P & J front radius rods, chrome no less. I paid $175 for these beauties. I won’t know what to do with chrome.


I can’t decide whether to use tie rod ends or PJ rod ends. I like the looks of the tie rod ends but question the strength. I have broke these in my early years.


Note axle brackets for the rear. These are for a nine inch so I will need to scrounge some EF brackets with the taper. I have the rear ladder bars that I purchased from a Frantic Fred take off pile. He is the best for helping me. If you need something done go see Fred.


Here is the frame which has been sitting for a couple of years. I purchased the components from Carl at the DF company. The very best TIG welder in my mind.


I am not going to pinch the frame which is so popular. Mainly because I don’t know how to do it.



This style will suite me fine. I shot this car at the Outriders Picnic this year. I think an Early Times member owns it. Beautiful in my eyes.

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