Friday’s Tech

Big day today. I am heading over to my friend Bob’s house to look at his new ride. A 40 Ford coupe. Bob likes forties and has several of them so I am sure this one will be nice. I have a chance to purchase a real nice 40 frame to bring home and stack in my pile, but the wife has a strong objection to the thought. They get that way once in a while. I will take her out to dinner tonight and Saturday bring home the frame. Works every time.

Today’s tech is an assortment of various construction pictures I have taken over the last few months.

Have a look.

Have a great weekend and get out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



My DF 32 chassis in progress. Chopped Deuce sedan or Brookville.


My 33 chassis during construction. Home built, of course.


40 frame with a nice exhaust system and H connection to equal flow and sound.


SO-CAL clutch set up in one of their frame. Looks nice and clean like everything Pete does..


Some HHR tin work on a 32 roadster.


Same car showing steering on right side with bracing.


Chopping a 40 panel is a big task. Not for HHR.


HHR Wilson Welding backing plates with Lincoln drums. Different look.



Brizio built twins for the same customer. One is a little different color, one is a Wescott and one is a Brookville. Must be nice.

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