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Pepe is back on the road after a brief encounter with some bad wheel bearings. He rides very quiet now with no noise or howling coming from the right rear. Donnie discovered when doing the bearings, that the shocks are installed wrong and bottom out after a 1/2 ” of travel. I will fix that next. The previous owner didn’t like the bounce associated with parallel leafs so a shop installed some QA-1’s which are too long for the mounting points. I will install some new TCI mounts and hopefully that will solve the problem and improve the ride and rebound position over the current set up. Little problems like this are annoying but inexpensive to repair. I always thought the shocks hung down too far but the ride wasn’t that choppy. Now I know why.

On my visit to Hot Rods and Hobbies yesterday, Scott mentioned that he was using some new shocks made by JRI so I decided to see what I could find out about the company and their products. TCI uses Ride Tech exclusively on all of the chassis but I will compare the two shocks and make a decision. JRI shocks are racing shocks and really expensive from I could find on the internet. The SB32 is the one for the rear but I will need to do some more research prior to having them installed. I will let you know what I find out. HR&H has several projects in various stages of completion and you can see them by looking at their web site HR& Thanks for the tour and I hope the new firewall works out for Tom.

Wavecrest II in Huntington Beach is this Saturday and is always a fun day with lots of woodies, sedan deliveries, long roofs and VW buses. If you can carry a surf board you’re in. Registration is required prior to entering the parking area on Main Street or the wharf. The wife will like all of the shops so take your credit cars.

Jump in your Woody and head to Huntington Beach for a great day….No bad days!

Stay Tooned!


FL has a fair share of woodies also. This little 37 looks inviting and with the Palm trees in the background has the setting required for a good time.

This 42 woody makes the runs as I have seen it several times during the past year. A beautiful and rare example of the Ford woody found its way to Florida. I think the car is from IL but not sure.

The East coasters love to come to CA and enjoy the sunshine. Bill, from Nova Scotia sent in all of the above photos. How come they are smiling and wearing shorts?

Sitting right on PCH was this Sportsman for all to view. These cars are priceless.

The 37 woody seems to be the one that people are building today. I have seen several new ones in the past few weeks.

One of the nicest shoeboxes is this pewter colored 51. Hot Rod woodies are the rage on the coast.

More rare is the Mercury woody as shown here. Meadors has one with a chopped top that Thelan built in the 90’s.

A 40 woody is my favorite. The more stock looking the better I like them. Modern underneath but old on the outside makes them perfect in my mind.

Some people really stretch the rules to make it to Wavecrest and that is just fine with me. Have you priced doors on Deuce trucks? Ouch!

 Today’s Dream – non Woody Style!

Paul knowsknow Deuces and his phaeton really draws a crowd. Shown here at the Donut Derelicts Saturday morning cruise in.

Moving the seat back allows the tallest of drivers to be comfortable which is not possible in the roadster.

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