Friday’s “Stuff”

I seem to be in the garage crawl mood these days. The wife is out of town so I have time to do some exploring in some of my normal haunts and some new ones. I always seem to find some treasures along the way. I’m amazed at all the hoarding people have done over the years. We all seem to purchase parts we like and could use for our next build. The garage soon becomes full, the yard if no HOA rules, becomes full and soon you receive letters from the City about a complaint. As age becomes a factor and we realize we are never going to use this “Stuff” we start to sell it off — or at least try. What we told the wife we paid for the “Stuff” and what we can sell it for are normally two different figures. The line, “I can make money on these” — Hardly ever comes true. I keep an inventory if case I might not be here tomorrow and she needs to sell the “Stuff!”

I have been to a few of these “Stuff Sales” lately and thankfully someone is always there to protect the wife from being taken advantage of. I don’t think highly of people who do — as we are a close family, including the wives and need to protect their husbands investments. I have given values on parts to many of my friends wives who lost their husband and they were most appreciative. I am not planning on moving to the other side just yet, but if I do, my wife will have a good friend and a list to assist her with the disposition of inventory. Make sure you have a plan today for tomorrow and you will sleep better tonight.

P-Town will be a crowded place but there will be lots of neat Hot Rods and Customs to look at. Enjoy yourself.

Stay Tooned!



click on the photo for a larger image


Alan does excellent upholstery work and is installing an LB kit for Don. Note Black plate and CMG color!


The standard dash is my favorite when done in the stock Briarwood Brown color. Garnish moldings are being done by Bob Kennedy who is the master in our area.


I love the 33’s but they need to be chopped to run without fenders. This one is too nice to chop…did I just say that!

tranny 042

Stuffed away waiting for a new home is the 101 Halibrand with an open drive conversion.


This is my favorite look with the QC hanging out. I like the tank installed also.


Warren does nice work as shown here in his 29 roadster.


I would like to find a Champ center section for mockup use. I like these units under model 40’s.


Checking out the powder coated parts prior to having the frame painted for Lucy. I would sure like to find another stock frame.


I wanted to keep this one as it had  been hot rodded in the past. Bob and Bill beat me too it.


These 2 – 39 Convertible sedans had been in storage for more than 30 years in a closed warehouse.


A simple dropped axle with steelies looks good on this 40 rag.


A small ad on Craigslist put me in Fresno. I bought the trailer and the 48 convert!


Jane was real happy with this one as I had no place to keep it for a week or so. HOA loved me!!

32 ford body 001

A pickup is a man’s best friend and Deuces fit in the back nicely as do model 40’s.


I am old school and love this Dave Lane creation for George’s sedan delivery. No, LS motors for me.

1947 Ford stock station wagon 6-2010 014

Sometimes you think you can put it together but after you back starts to hurt and the wife thinks your crazy, you pass on the project Woody.

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