Friday’s Salute

Lets not forget those who have fallen for our country.

Happy Memorial Day


Memorial Day always starts me thinking about enjoying the summer months and even celebrating the occasion with family and friends. Parades, picnics, car shows and other special events are planned and most people will enjoy the weekend. Jane and I plan to take a cruise over to Malibu for some sight seeing and good food. Pepe is running good and wants to also enjoy the celebration. For some, the weekend brings memories of lost love ones who served their county with their life and the memory may not be joyous. I hope the freedom we enjoy is appreciated by those of us who made it through the wars and my sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones. We owe a great deal to our Armed Forces for protecting our freedom.

After the holiday, many tours will be heading for the LARS 50th Anniversary celebration at the Pomona Fairplex. Tours are planned from all parts of the country, many who have experienced the journey previously and some who will be taking the trip for the first time. I have connected with several groups and should have some photos of their “on the road” trip. Some ambitious individuals are even flying from LA to other parts of the country to join in the adventure. Now that is a true Roadster Lover. Most groups are under 10 members but some are much larger. I hope the weather is good for all of you and for those of you on the Topless Tour remember that is only a name — as it does rain in most other parts of the country.

The Roadster Round Up is this weekend on the central coast and will provide a good warm up for the big event in June.

Relax, kick back and enjoy yourself.

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes this can be a sad day for us when our labor of love has been sold and we must move on to another project. Bob, you will miss this one but there is always another one waiting in the garage.

Dave has owned this nice 3 window for over 25 years. An aluminum head equipped SBC with 500 hp available for the right foot makes it quick on the street.

The profile of this model 40 is perfect and will always be in style in my book as will the 5 spokes.

Rex has been busy over the winter months putting together some Deuces. The sedan has a killer chop and was pieced together from a pile of parts.

Cory has a new coupe to go along with his roadster. He made some tire and wheel changes and added a dropped axle for a completely new look.

From the Rik Hoving collection comes this great photo of one of the most famous Barris Mercury’s of all time.

The 5 window is getting his haircut at Jokerr Fabrication. The body sure looks like it was in great shape to start with.

Here is another RB chassis going together in NY for one of their customers. They use a Brookville x member and make the rest. The Buick should provide plenty of power for cruising across the land.

Ryan has been busy on Jim’s woody chassis. Note the size of the “Boss”. He made it fit.

I don’t know who owns this one today but I sure liked the build style when I first saw it at the Outrider’s Picnic a few years ago.

A pure classic in black with red steelies and whitewall tires. I don’t see many of these model 40 five windows anymore.

If I could own another 3 window I would follow Mariani’s stately Deuce style with all the right stuff for the period. Brizio built.

These two guys look familiar…”Why Go By Garage”. Look for the phaeton in the preferred parking or swap meet area.

Steve really knows how to live the dream.

My Memorial Day Ride!

All ready for the weekend cruising the coast. Maybe steelies are in line for a new look. The Halibrands have been on the car for over 20 years and still look fresh — but dated.

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