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We have roadster weather in LA today and I have the roadster fever. Yes, when the sun is shinning and the temperatures are climbing that is the time to jump in your roadster and go for a long drive. Perhaps you don’t have an ocean nearby but that doesn’t matter. Cruise whatever scenic route you like and enjoy the wind in your face and the sun which is causing you to wear sun glasses. I know not everyone wants to experience the ride under these conditions but thousands do and many of them are headed to the 50th Anniversary LARS in June. Tours are being organized to allow all of you to join in for some fantastic memories of your journey across the country. Once you arrive in LA, many special events are being planned and the camaraderie of fellow roadster owners is something you just cant get enough of. Stories of the trip, both good and trying, make for good conversation at the local hotel pubs or just hanging out at the Early V8 Store. I am sure T-shirt sales will be brisk as most of us won’t want to forget the good time we had in Pomona and surrounding open houses during the week.

If you don’t have a room drive a little further, save a few bucks and stay off campus. Night life is the fun part in hotel parking lots and open houses. Be sure to attend as many as you can while you are in town. The Roadster club does a magnificent job of making you feel right at home. Whether you drive your roadster or take a plane don’t miss this year’s big show.

As in the past, all roadsters are welcome to attend. If you have a completed car with shiny paint and nice upholstery you can park in the roadster area. If you have an unfinished roadster you can park in the Preferred Parking area or better yet, buy a swap space with your buddies and sell some of the items you no longer need. The swap meet area has always been my first love and I normally purchase a couple of spots to sell a few items and park my car. Reservations are not available and spaces are sold on Friday (first come, first served) for the weekend. Saturday is the big day for both roadsters and swappers. You can walk yourself until you can’t go anymore and still not see all of the show. Scooters are available and I recommend you reserve one as they are worth the investment no matter what age group you fall in. I recommend you bring lots of cash as I guarantee, you will find something you can’t live without.

I hope they have a section for roadsters that attended the first LARS as I am sure, many are still around.

Have a great weekend driving your roadster!

Stay Tooned!



The 29 on Deuce rails is combination that can’t be beat for the early look of hiboys.

Here is another example for you to drool over.

Maybe Julian will drive out Bud Bryant’s 29 which he has in his stable. Here is Bud in Detroit in 1972.

Top of the line roadsters like the Reeds Design beauty shown above will let you visualize how yours should look.

Early styles are also popular and will attract both the younger and older crowd. I like this one.

Maybe Joe’s roadster will be in attendance as it was for the 75th Anniversary show in 2007.

Lots of patina style roadsters show up for the show and park in the Preferred Parking area so don’t miss that area on your visit.

My GM buddy, Steve, may drive his 33 out for the big show in Pomona. A GM styling product manager and all around hot rodder’s friend drives his car long distances.

One of my favorites parks in the swap meet area every year and I always take a second look.

Ah yes, the 36 roadster has all the class of the early rods but shines more with the chopped top and lowered stance.

This one could have been in the first show and been right in style. Side curtains for the long drive would be a welcome addition for the lady passenger.

Sassy and proud of it, this little 36 makes a statement about fat girls.

 Friday’s Roadster Pick!

Harry Warner’s 33 restored by Bill Swanson has always been the one to jump start my heart when having a bad day. NOS Ardun heads and lots of history are part of the attraction.

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