Friday’s Roadsters, Cabriolets and Convertibles.

Open cars will always be my favorite Hot Rod material. I love Roadsters, Cabriolets and Convertibles to cruise down the back roads and beaches. As age enters the picture, many of us and our partners in life like the ability to roll up the windows and turn on the air/heat when needed. I know Topless is the preferred way to drive open cars but that is just bragging rights among the boys and the Gray beards. Short hauls are fine but for the long trips with the wife, I prefer the windows in my roadster. Side curtains help, but they are not windows by a long way. If you have ever driven over the grapevine in the evening in a roadster you will know how cold it really is in California. Those old time heaters you see in roadsters help but not like Vintage Air units do. I have included some of each of the open cars and hope you enjoy them.

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day so have a little fun in life, and drink some green adult beverages and do a little dancing at your favorite Irish Pub. Our group is planning on some corn beef and cabbage also.


Stay Tooned!



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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Here is your plain basic Black 1946 Ford convertible slammed on the ground. Late model driveline and lowered makes it a fine driving Hot Rod.

My late friend Steve loved this Brizio built Wescott 33 roadster but was afraid of the fiberglass. Priced at a third of the build cost but still hard to sell??

I always liked this simple built roadster with red oxide, SO-CAL chassis, Brookville body, 327 – 4-speed and Auburn dash made it perfect. Add 16×5 Lincoln wheels, bias tires and drive to Bonneville.

In the early 2000’s, Don’s Hot Rods built several of these Deuce roadsters from the Rod Bod bodies and Classic Chassis. They cost $32K without the interior. Several people purchased them in our town and haven’t driven them much. This very nice roadster needs a new home.

Another Wescott roadster has been redone and is receiving a lot of press lately.

Pat Ganahl has added new tires and wheels on his roadster to give it a new look — Cadillac power.

From FB comes this black and white beauty. You don’t see many white roadsters but I like the look. Li’l John liked white roadsters.

Denny’s 40 convertible has a nice profile with whitewall’s to add some nostalgic flavor.

Another FB roadster that seems to be everywhere these days. A great looking roadster!

1936 Ford Roadsters and Cabriolets are really popular today and provide something different from a Deuce.

Frank has joined the Cabriolet club with his new beauty. He is hard to keep up with on his new cars.

This nice 33 roadster is being redone by Stokers for a new look.

My dream Cabriolet is this 1934 black beauty

If you must drive the roadster in inclement weather then you need side curtains. Sid can furnish these on his Bop Tops.

Adding a functional heater will keep the feet warm and the wife happy.

Not seen as often as the Deuce but just as cute is the 29 hiboy roadster.

The Speed 33 can be made to look good with the dropped axle front end.

A rare Cabriolet deuce hiboy sure looks good to me.

If you love Woodies and Convertibles as I do, then this one should increase your heart rate.

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