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We have had a trying day here in our area. Mass shootings and wild fires destroying thousands of acres have kept my attention all day but I will post some good news to go along with my Moto of “No Bad Days”!

Old Fords keep me busy everyday. I work on my cars, look for new projects and write my blog about Henry’s old Fords. My first love are the roadsters from 28-36. I continue to love these cars even though my body prefers a closed car with more room. Jane seems to like the roadsters also as I have always driven open cars from the time we met in 1964. I have owned several over the years and will probably always have an open car of some type.

Lets look at some roadsters that I like!

Stay Tooned!



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My first choice is a Model 40 hiboy like this one.

Roy Brizio’s Shop Parties were the best for seeing roadsters in his back lot.

Jim built the 36 roadster with his magic metalwork incorporated in the design.

Early sale roadsters are still popular with Hot Rodder’s today. They can be had for  a very reasonable price in today’s market.

A real nice roadster done up in black diamond!

One of the historic roadsters of the past restored by Don Orosco to perfection.

Dave Simard built this beauty for Ford’s Farley and was a contender for the AMBR a couple of years ago.

Joe Nitti set the bar real high with his roadster. The car has been fully restored to its original glory.

The 33 continues to be my favorite roadster with or without fenders.

Joe was a racer with his beautiful Deuce roadster. He was one of the first to use hidden hinges.

Acquired from the late Don Broyles and turned into perfection is the stunning example of a Model 40.

Another beauty is this SAR body turned into a hiboy roadster.

Long time owner Dennis Varni had Boyd redo his 29 to win the AMBR award in 1993.

I do like fenders on Model 40’s also. Most people prefer fenders on these cars.

I do like the original patina roadster that are around in our area.

The classic Deuce hiboy don in primer makes a great driver and loads of fun.

The Wanlass windshield is the latest look for the iconic Deuce hiboy.

Fully restored, this famous Deuce was shown at Pebble Beach.

Another long time favorite is this smoothie from Kansas.

Lil’ John was was ahead of the curve in the 70’s with his smooth 29 with metal work by Steve Davis.

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