Friday’s Roadsters

I am learning about the Edelbrock Signature Series engines as I tear down the motor. I found the leaking cylinder which was number 7. I am not sure if the head gasket leaked or the intake gasket leaked. The intake at number 7 is the water ports in the head. When I pull the injection I will check the gasket. In either case, I must pull the head to determine what damage was done , if any. I am thankful that it happened in my driveway and not on the road in the mountains. I want to keep the injection and Edelbrock engine as I love the performance and the looks. I am not sure what needs to be done but I will detail the rebuild in my blog.

We normally have a wonderful Woody event “October Wood” in Dana Point, but it has been cancelled due to loss of the park and hotel venue. Jane and I loved this event as it was held in our home town in CA. Maybe it will be reinstated next year. The only remaining Woody only event is the Malibu Christmas Parade which is a lot of fun for our crew. Woodies has been a part of my life since moving to California and have provided many wonderful memories of the time we spent both driving to and attending these special events over the past 30 years. Not for everyone, but for those who love the wooden wagons life has “No Bad Days!”

I have roadsters on my mind today as Billy is bringing his back home and is putting it on the market. Surely someone must want a beautiful like new Deuce roadster. Have a look below at the red roadster!

Have a great weekend and be sure to check back in on Monday!

Stay Tooned!



This 29 is for John who owns a similar one. The Hallock windshield was popular in the 50’s.


Fast forward to today’s look and the Stanley Wanless windshield is the latest look for windshields.


Billy has a stock chopped 3″ windshield with stock irons and bows installed on his roadster. This car is for sale!


Some original roadster bodies have come up for sale like the one shown above. Not sure if people really are hung up on original bodies but I think some old timers might prefer the real deal over the Brookville.


I always liked this 33 with the track nose and Duvall windshield.


Roy has been turning out some real nice Speed 33’s in his shop. The wheel tire placement in the rear wheel wells is perfect. The stance is also right on the money. I would love to build one of these beauties next. A friend in town has a body in storage.


A nice photo of a slick 34 parked along the curb on a city street.


This is a different 33 than I showed the other day but has the same sinister look I love.


The pre-war style is still popular with many young and old builders. I like the look of this style.


The modern day rendition of the early style really is my preference due to the reliable components and performance.


The Carson style top looks great on this baby blue Deuce.


Tom stopped for a photo of his beautiful 33 roadster while on a road trip to Reno.


This has always been my favorite 34 roadster built by Lowrey’s in NH.


I am tempted to start one of these beater phaetons and have some real fun on the “Back Roads!”

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