Friday’s Roadster

Happy Easter



Joe is getting the roadster ready for the Easter weekend.  He always kept the car immaculate and was always ready for a race.

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  1. Good morning Lynn from “damp” Pittsburgh PA
    A belated “Happy Easter” to you as well! We had our 3 Grandchildren to the local Shriners Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday. It was busy and hectic day for us but the kids enjoyed it. All the best! Dale

  2. Hi!
    Lot’s of memories with this one. Joe Nitti was a close friend of my dad, also named Jim Daleo. When I was a kid my dad had a garage in ELA and belonged to the Vultures Car Club along with Joe. I remember riding in the deep purple 32 when my dad would test drive it. Joe never liked driving the car up at the dry lakes. My Dad would drive it for him. As you shared the car was alway immaculate. The car was found and restored a few years ago. Joe was killed in Las Vegas, he was a cab driver…

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