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I worked in the garage all day today and I am just settling down to write Friday’s Blog. I took some time to browse through The Rodder’s Journal Twentieth Anniversary issue which came in the mail today. I can’t believe it has been 20 years since Steve came out with his masterpiece of photography and journalism for all of us to enjoy. I have all issues and refer to some them often. While some issues are more interesting to me than others, all of them offer some piece of history that I lived through during my 74 years. Steve and his staff offer a very accurate accounting of the early days of traditional hot rods, customs, drag cars, speed shops and other areas of interest. Just plain good journalism always relaxes me after a hard day in the garage or in my earlier days, the office.

TRJ in depth coverage of cars with history or recent builds, with a traditional style, provides me with lots of ideas for my builds. I particular like the specification sheet showing everything you need to know about the featured Hot Rod. Steve’s professional photography skills really shine — clearly showing his artistic talents of capturing the “just right” profile with an appropriate background. He is famous for his dusk photos with the cars headlights on. I would rank him with the best in the business for my taste.

In conclusion, Issue #66, shows a mature staff with a competent leader keeping “The Flame Burning” for the traditional Hot Rod enthusiasts. I wish him continued success in a most difficult field.

The weekend brings the Edelbrock car show and facility tours as well as Don’s Coffee and Kix breakfast on Saturday morning. I will also be heading to the Bay Area for Mother’s Day and Brizio’s Shop Party. I am looking forward to seeing my children and grandkids during our annual Mother’s Day gathering. I hope you have a fun-filled weekend.

Stay Tooned!




I would like to see the completed roadster. Note tube axle with bones. Do you remember when a Super Bell tube axle was the axle of choice?  1970’s LObeck loved the tube axle on his roadsters — painted.


If the wife complains about the wind, here is the solution for you — add side curtains. The flathead will keep the interior warm so don’t worry.


Here is another photo of the HRG built roadster with a top. The ladies like this one for its classy style. Congratulations Jason and Jim!


Talk about a top that is hard to make — how about this all aluminum beauty.


You can see more of these at the Edelbrock car show this Saturday.

From the Garage


I like the rear crossmember Roy uses with his chassis. They are mfg by Snow White in Fresno and run around $300.


Since I didn’t need all the adjustable features, I decided to build my own. I have the complete unit tacked together and hopefully will finish it tomorrow. Thanks Industrial Metal Supply — $20 plus about 4 hours labor so far.


I also picked up some sleeve material (1″x .60) to finish the bones. Lots of work but I like the look so far.

Hot Rods


This photo (FB) brings back memories of the 70’s. Chopped sedans were the rage as shown above. White one was Garey Roberts, Black one was Barry Lobeck and the last one was Tom Perkel all top quality builders who made a name in the industry.


I love this little 34 hiboy coupe with WW’s and steel wheels. Sometimes less is more than adequate.


UPI can make your 5-window dream come true.


This nice sedan has a great start for a nice ride. Nice selection of parts and minor chop.

New Product


Cory has come out with another version of his tie rod adapters for bones. These can be used with the later style tiered as shown. They come with clamp just the old days. (Available soon)


Gary, at Cornhuskers, just received a new Winters V8 quick change with a redesigned case. Note the absence of the filler hole and new rear cover. I am saving my money for one of these.

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