Friday’s Reproduction Fords

Sometimes we must compromise our desire to have the “Real Thing” when it comes to hot rods. The supply of early iron has diminished greatly and even the hoarders have been having difficulty dealing with the supply side of the food chain. Yes, the aftermarket suppliers of reproduction steel bodies has been successful for over 10 years and continues to be a viable business to be in. Caution, you must price your product to be competitive in order to create the demand. The 3 — P’s of marketing, Product, Price and Promotion come into play on any new venture and you need to do your homework such as Brookville and UPI have done. Some people still only want the real deal but there are plenty of buyers who don’t care and would rather not have a patched up original an over priced body. Bragging rights only go so far with shallow pockets so if you are in the sport for the fun of building and driving hot rods you need to consider a reproduction steel body for your next ride.

Keeping the flame burning has been my business model since I started this blog and without a good supply of early iron to meet the demand, the flame seems to flicker from time to time. The publications we used to receive monthly have almost become a pure advertising brochure with very little content concerning the cars. I know print media is on the decline and I hope they can survive the electronic age and still be profitable. Time will tell. I will continue to pursue my passion for the hobby and promise to keep you informed about any new bodies both steel and FG that come to market. There is a demand and place for both.

Have a great weekend and take that old car out for a drive or build something in your garage if it’s cold.

Stay Tooned!



Our group likes black cars and we also like to complain about how hard they are to keep clean. A daily dose of Surf City Black Edge keeps them in shape. All original and old — but lots of fun.


Just when you think you have seen every thing imaginable on a Deuce something new shows up. Brookville has made the relatively scarce roadster body a common place in most shops around the country. Note the deep drop tube axle.


Styles of various periods can be seen on this roadster. Wire wheels, Wanlass windshield and top, hairpins and skinny tires. The paint scheme reflects the builders attempt to do it a little differently. Looks good to me.


Roy is building Scott a daily driver using the Brookville body with Wheelsmith wheels. It seems the taller the better look, is in right now on rear wheels. I think every garage should have a body in inventory just in case they quit making them. I have some room if you don’t.


Back in the day — she was waiting for you in that Angora sweater and a big smile. Note the headlight stands. Where are they today?


Brookville took advantage of the low supply high demand of the Deuce 3-window and now they are in every shop. I still have some more room left if you don’t have storage space. Steadfast built with “The Look” I like. Henry has the eye for design and stance.


Rodger had his early look on when he built this stunning Deuce phaeton.



Here is a later photo showing the perfect top and red wires. I believe the car is in the Seattle area.


Brookville surveyed the market for the Phaeton but didn’t receive enough interest to pursue building them….too bad.


Bob Drake’s old phaeton looks in fine shape here at the PRC a few years ago. Please bring back the PRC for us roadster lovers. This could be our Hill Climb or Race of Gentlemen claim to fame. Sponsors waiting in the wings.


I traded Steve a 40 convert for this one and loved the car but not the wind. Side curtains would have helped.


You don’t need a top but you’re kind of silly looking sitting with your head above the windshield. Tonneau’s were popular in my day and cheap.


Paul’s is the best one I have seen in my lifetime. A little too much ginger bread but that’s Paul. He has the large diameter wheels also.


Sam built his 5-window with the early look and Scott chopped the top just right. I never grow tired of this car.


UPI can supply you with a stock one and SO-CAL can supply you with a chopped version. Problem solved.


SO-CAL (Pomona) built this one from an original car and to me, is one of the best.


Walden can build you a perfect body any way you want it. We watched this one being built and the metalwork is some of the best I have seen.

 Friday’s Fat Girls


Dave is enjoying his beautiful 48 convert driving the back roads in TX.


Looking out over Lover’s Leap this couple ventured down to the sandy beach for a closer look.


Lucy II got away from me but Alan made it a stunning example of a very nice convertible.


Jane asks why did we sell this one? I don’t have a good excuse except I wanted a roadster. They are getting harder to find in good shape.


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