Friday’s Recovery — I’m Back

I’m back sort of — the surgery went well and now for the recovery and physical therapy required. I only had an orthoscopic procedure where they repaired a torn meniscus and Mr. Arthritis behind the knee cap. Sort of like cleaning the carbon off the top of your pistons. The good doctor told me it would be a full two months before I could resume normal usage, so I will be limited until Christmas. I certainly hope it will be sooner, but at 75 years old the body doesn’t heal as fast as it did when I was 40. I am writing with my leg propped up per the doctors orders. Uncomfortably, to say the least, but the icing helps a great deal.

My garage time will be limited for the next few weeks but I hope to have Donnie working on Pepe’s engine repair. I am going to go through the engine even though it only has 20,000 miles on it. The oil pressure has never been good and the oil consumption was more than I liked. I can install new bearings and rings along with honing the cylinders. It shouldn’t be that expensive and will give me a brand new engine. The Inglese EFI is staying and I have learned a lot about the system by taking it apart. I will have the injectors cleaned and checked while the system is down. Jane thinks the rebuild will make a nice Christmas present as we will  be driving Pepe again.

The TROG was the big event in our area and even though the weatherman didn’t cooperate, all of my friends enjoyed the event. If you are a FB user you would have enjoyed the hundreds of photos posted from the people who attended the event. Not sure if they will return next year, but hopefully they will hold the event somewhere on the West coast.

Stay Tooned!


click on photo for a larger image


I hope to be out of this chair and in the garage soon!


Elevation and ice are my two main tools for my rebuilt knee.


Sam was lined up ready to race which finally took place in the afternoon. The high tides from the storm, combined with the rain, made racing a difficult situation.


I like this “Ohio look” 33 coupe. All black and beautiful.


Donnie is working on the chassis I sold him and hit is coming along nicely. He likes BBC and this one is healthy.


It is hard to beat a black solid axle Corvette.


This one is favorite of mine as it is like my first Corvette.


Bruce’s Rod Shop builds my kind of Deuce chassis.


This will be my next Deuce chassis I start on. Simple Pete Eastwood style.


Walden changed the design somewhat but still has the same look. Simple and clean.


It is nice to see a smiling face in Lucy. Ray is a man with passion for Hot Rods and Customs.


Ray redid Lucy in 2014 and debuted the car at the LARS.


He redid the interior and dash to suit his style. Looks great Ray!


I like the Champ under the 33/4’s. They just look right.


Bob – O came over to help me with the engine in Pepe. A very nice 5 – window!


This Brizio built Deuce has been around for a long time and still looks great. Seventies era perfect.


I have a weakness for the shoebox convertibles like this one.

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