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I have featured a 1940 Woody that a friend of mine is building which will be a pure knockout when finished. I have another friend who is building 1947 Wood that is going to be another knockout build. I was with the owner when he purchased this very nice tudor woodie that was finished and looking great. After a few problems developed, he decided to redo the car which lead to a complete re-designed tudor woodie. The rear fenders were replaced with new ones and the front fenders were also changed back to the non-molded look. I much prefer this look as it makes the front end not look so fat.

The chassis has also been re-done placing the wheels were they should be and the suspension reworked so the ride will be smooth. The stance suggests air bags to give it that fairground parking look. The car should be finished sometime next year and will be another show stopper. The color will be a shade of Greenish/blue tone which should look good against the beautiful Messano wood. I will bring you more photos as they are released.

I have always liked the 46-8 Ford Woodies and love them when done in the Hot Rod style with lots of creature comforts. And styling that accents the overall look of the vehicle. The customer has spent considerable time and dollars converting the Woodie to this new look. These projects take lots of time to get it right and I think this one is right on the money.

Perhaps there might be a Woodie in my future and I had this rendering done to exhibit my taste in the 1946-48 Ford Woodie.


Stay Tooned!



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This was 2013 when we went to look at the Woodie.

You can see the extensive moulding of the stock sheet metal.

The tudor woodie was originally built by Chris Miller with wood my Chris Messano.

Hot Rods and Hobbies has re-done the Woody per the customer’s request.

The stance and fitment of the sheet metal shows the quality of this build. Note the sheet metal has not been molded into the fenders.

More Woodies are under way at this quality shop.

Craig whipped up this example which I liked and will done in the stock Ford color — Maize Yellow.

Here is a nice example of a 1946 Ford Woodie which was displayed at Wavecrest this year.

Another 1946 Ford Woodie built by Don Bickel with wood by Mike Nickels in MI. A high-end build.

Another tudor Woodie is this beauty that Gary Meadors owned.

Lots of subtle metalwork has been done on this one also.

The contrast of the Yellow with the wood really looks good to me. The 39 Deluxe makes a beautiful wooden wagon also.

The 39 is a very attractive woody when done in black with Apple Green wheels and whitewalls.

Another 39 in a darker green looks nice also.

Don Bickel also built this beauty with Nickels wood. The 40 is preferred by many and not as plentiful as the 46-48.

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