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I received my new Street Rodder and Hot Rod today in the mail today. I put them in the pile for reading in my easy chair tonight. The Rodder’s Journal, Goodguys and Street Scene are also in the pile. I have cut way back on publications and find that I really don’t look at the publications like I used to. I told the wife to cancel all of them as I no longer look there for my information. I have supported these publications for many years but find that they are yesterday’s news and full of ads with reduced content. Perhaps I am getting to old to enjoy them as I used to, but I really believe the editorial direction of these publications has drifted away from my tastes in cars. I find the various sites on the internet that provide the same information. Granted, not in the nice format the publications have, but most have some nice photos and narrative to describe the photo. I also have reduced storage space for 50 years of my magazines which I very seldom look at any more.

Time changes as does technology, so I must change with them with better access to information I desire. Google can find anything I want in a matter of seconds and Youtube can provide a live video of how to do just about anything. I do love the photography in The Rodder’s Journal but I can see them at the newsstand. I am going to give it a year and see if I miss anything. I can always purchase the magazine or look it up on the Net!

I hope all of you who are in Louisville have a dry weekend at the NSRA Nationals.

Stay Tooned,


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I glance through all of these monthly publications in about 10 minutes.


I spend the most time looking through this excellent publication.



Gary at Cornhuskers built a Dearborn Deuce about 10 years ago and it turned out real nice.


The car is complete with roll up windows, fold down top, fresh metal and offer a little more room in the cockpit.


Steve has taken delivery of his Hercules Deuce Woody and it installing it on his new chassis.


The jig made it much easier than having 6 guys lifting the body on the chassis. With the jig, you just roll the chassis under the body and no one hurts their back.


Steve used to own a nice Deuce phaeton (not this one) in the 80’s.


Larry has a garage full of neat rides. His coupe has been a favorite of mine for many years and was featured in TRJ along with Billy’s.


Randy Lorentzen’s new “Revolutions” publication should be a welcomed  addition to your print likes.


The late Joy Mayall would have loved this 34 which was very similar to his 33 except for chop.


By contrast, here is a nice stock top 33 Ford sedan.


The Deuce sedan also makes a nice family and friends ride to the events.


You can even get by with a nice four-door sedan as Bruce did.


Dave purchased this nice 40 coupe and transported it to Australia for his enjoyment.


The 40 convertible makes a statement in the snow.


A deluxe 40 coupe will always be at the top of my wish list.


The 40 Woody is also on the top of the wish list.


The 46-8 Ford Woody makes a super ride and ranks up there with the 40. More room and longer wheelbase make it a popular ride with many.


The 46-48 convertible is one of my favorites for overall comfort and looks.

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  1. Hi Lynn:
    I hope all is well. Your reflections on the print hot rod magazine business reverberate strongly. I am sure many publishers loose sleep over how to maintain standards. I now only get The Rodders Journal and Hop Up.
    Recently I moved and had to pack them all up. It put a real spotlight on the space issue and whether I am still enjoying them with all the Web sources available today. My hope is enough folks will continue to support those two.
    I believe Steve Coonan and crew work extremely hard to bring us an outstanding publication. It would be a shame if it is not continually supported. Best Wishes. Terry

  2. I have 55 years of magazines, taking up space, Most read once thoroughly, then put in a “sleeve” and there they sit, No interest, been trying to sell them for $3.00 each for the last year on Craig’slist. NOT one call.

    I cannot agree with you more. You just express it better than I can.


  3. Lynn,
    I agree with you about the magazines. I have also found that I do not subscribe to all the titles that I did in the past and the magazines I do receive take a few minutes to read. I do not blame the internet, I just find the content less interesting. It seems to be the same with all automotive magazines not just the titles you mentioned, R&T and C&D have declined the last few years. (MT never was on my favorite list)
    I enjoy your column!

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