Friday’s Plumbing

I am very thankful for all of you who continue to send me photos of your cars and adventures in your area. I would not have near the material to choose from if I didn’t continue to receive the information from my viewers. Thanks to all of you for your efforts.

Plumbing is not my specialty, but I do enjoy bending the tubing and making everything look like it belongs where it is placed. Sure I make mistakes, but they can be corrected with new tubing and the scrap can be used for the smaller pieces. I find making several complicated bends in different planes quite challenging and sometimes impossible for me to visualize without making a wire form. I have spent a couple of days working on the lines and now have them almost finished. I finally talked to the right counter man at NAPA and he will have my master cylinder tomorrow. The plumbing has been fun but I am ready to move on to the body work.

My dream cars, a 40 convertible, woody and deuce sedan are still very much on my mind and I continue to search for all of them as the doctor ordered, “it keeps you healthy.”

Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!



Forty Fords had the brake lines on top of the rail and that is where I like them. I can see if they are leaking and work on them from the top. The photo shows the passenger side using a union for a quick disconnect if required.

The driver’s side was a lot harder as the lines must run back to the master cylinder and connect the large front bowl of the Mustang dual disc/drum unit.

The rear lines go across the crossmember and connect to the flexible hoses from Orme brothers.

The rear hoses connect to a tab that is mounted under the frame rail. These are easy to service on the road.

I did the fuel lines also. The inlet line connects to the gas tank right above the fuel filter. Adapters are required to connect the 3/8 hard line to the 3/8 pipe openings. The orange will match the 327 engine color and look like Orville did the plumbing.

This convertible has been for sale on the internet for a long time and I don’t know why it doesn’t sell. I think the top profile is one of the best I have seen. I have room in my garage for one more like this. If you want an open car then this is the one to buy.

The gold coast guys took a day trip and visited some of the many shops available in their area. This is Don Orosco’s shop where he gave them the tour of his collection. This is one of his best restorations of the original Flint roadster.

Don’s son drove this 3 window to high school. He must have been a well liked guy by his buddies. I believe Eastwood built the chassis for this one.

I know all of you remember this famous coupe from the cover of Hot Rod. Don did this one and brought it to the AMBR show a few years ago. Maybe I need another 3 window coupe for my trips to the “Office”.

The “Aussie’s” are buying up all of our cars when they come to the LARS. He needs top irons if anyone has some for sale.

I know it is a Chevrolet engine but this 40 sedan with the white firewall and red engine has Bob-O’s name written all over it. He loves 3 two’s.

Today’s Roadster!

This little roadster is just what the doctor ordered for me to drive to the coast for a hamburger with the boys. Do we ever get tired of seeing a Deuce hiboy roadster? I don’t.

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