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Photographs are priceless when it comes to capturing “Moments” in our history. I have been collecting photographs for over 60 years and still go back and recall where I shot the photo and wonder were the car is now. The early days of collecting car photos was storage in shoe boxes. Remember those days — I am sure many of you still have some boxes full of photos stored away in a closet. Today, in the technological world, photos are stored in various places like iPhoto, Picassa and the Cloud, which makes it easy to keep storage and preservation at a high level of security. The recent trip by many of my friends from the St. Louis area, who drove their roadsters to the LARS is a good example. They took some wonderful photos both coming and going to record their trip. As the saying goes, “you need to stop and smell the roses along the way.” Posting these photos to FB makes it easy for friends to share you adventures. Digital photography has made photography what it is today. Granted, the Smart Phone has replaced cameras in many cases, but the true photographer still has his favorite camera and professional eye for capturing that — “Moment!” I enjoy all photos of people in our hobby in various places taking photos for their personal and professional use. I always try to give credit for the professional photos I feature by leaving the name on the photo. We have some great contributors in our hobby who are also Hot Rodders’.

I am grateful for all the photos I receive from my readers and I continue to use them when I can. Pewsplace really is a collaboration between myself and all my contributors. Without them, I could not possible be in all the places I feature, so I always welcome your photos.

Celebrate our Independence  by having a safe and wonderful 4th of July.

Stay Tooned!





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Steve is cleaning the future Edelbrock delivery back in 1980 as he had big hopes for this one. I purchased it from him and later sold it to Vick.


Roy did a great job on finishing the sedan delivery for Vick.


I borrowed this beautiful photo from FB which was taken at the All Deuce Reunion. Priceless!


Rick stopped along our coast to capture the beauty of the Pacific.


Here is some more of Rick’s beautiful photos of his trip.


Bonneville is not exactly on the way home but you know you need proof. Dick and his buddies all made the trip and back.


I hope someday they will run the cars again on this famous track.


Scott had to have a look also. Not sure why it is on the trailer but I hope it is o.k. !


Meanwhile someone is preparing his roadster for a 1000 mile trip through the beautiful Alps. I have watched one youtube adventure and it was breathtaking.


Craig has the eye and caught Brian’s coupe at Forty Ford Day. Two classics, the same color, quality and style really captures the essence of Hot Rodding in LA.


Jim drove his version of the old Pete Eastwood roadster out to the show this year and Pete had to have a seat to bring back some great memories. Pete has long been my favorite

 chassis builder.


Since I am a 33 roadster fan this photo off FB was special to me.


Louie, from NSRA photograph staff, captures shots like these during his various trips across this country.


Rich and Valerie are close friends who contribute many photos from all the places they attend. Val is guarding Rich’s roadster as he is out in the swap meet at the LARS.


The passing of State border lines is always a milestone shot.


Sometimes “S–t” happens and we relax a little and check our phone for repair places.


Yes, these “Old Hot Rods” require some work along the way and that is why they call them Hot Rods!


Make sure you keep the “Flame Burning” in your family! (FB)

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