Friday’s Phaetons – An Alternative

I am already excited about the 49th annual LARS coming up next month. I invited Bob, the fellow who I sold Andre to, to delay picking up the car until the roadster show. He has never  attended so I hope he enjoys the show. (safe bet) Donnie and I buttoned up the bottom end and fit the doors yesterday and now for installing the makeshift rear floor to hold the parts that are traveling to TN. The parts are as removed from the car when purchased, so I am trying to clean them for the trip. If you have never taken a complete car down to the bare chassis then you wouldn’t understand the number of parts that make up these old Fords. The interior wood is critical to maintaining the bodies integrity, especially over a long distance on a trailer. The hood would not fit in the rear storage no matter how we tried to maneuver it. We finally decided to mount it where it belongs and build some support for the front of the hood. It is always something with these old Fords.

While we were working, Donnie and I were discussing some alternatives to building the popular Deuce hiboy roadster. He doesn’t fit in them and neither do I so we decided to look at a 1932-1934 Ford phaeton as our next project. (after the sedan) The bodies are available in FG and steel so the choice is easy if you can live with reproduction. (I can) Real 34’s are readily available on the West coast. They provide a longer wheelbase and are thought to be one of Henry’s best designs. We never got much farther than the body but I am sure we will pickup with where we left on Tuesday.

Monday is Memorial Day and that officially starts the summer kickoff for our family. Jane and I plan to go somewhere each day in Pepe and enjoy the promised perfect weather. The roads and beaches will be crowded so drive careful and have a wonderful weekend holiday.

Stay Tooned!

 The Deuce Hiboy Alternative!


I think a phaeton provides plenty of room for all of your buddies and some wind wings will reduce the wind in your face. (Jane doesn’t like these cars for that reason.)

Here is mine that Steve built. I traded my 40 convert for the car in 2000. I have owned 3 of them over the years. Wescott supplied all the bodies and they were very well made.

Here is a perfect 6 wheel stock phaeton which is a beautiful car to most phaeton lovers. I would ruin this one.

Skip, at Lokar, has a real nice classic restored phaeton. I have never seen this one but he always has nice cars. I don’t know why the grille shell is painted black.

You see some original cars for sale once in a while but they go fast and tend to need lots of work. This one looks real good to me.

My friend Jim built his dream model 40 phaeton. The car is an excellent example of quality workmanship and sticking to a build theme.

This 33 was on display at last years LARS. The color was Washington Blue and was flathead powered.

Gary has owned this one a long time and it still looks brand new. He keeps it in his work area on hardwood floors and paneled walls. The Hot Tub is painted a Mercedes Beige with Maroon wire wheels. I offered to keep it in my garage but I never got an answer.

Here is the one that started it for me. Dick did a full build on this one and I still have the article in my files. He imported the car from Australia.

Maybe Brookville will have their phaeton at this years LARS. This was the prototype (one only) that they did for a customer to “test market” the concept. Sign me up.

The old mans phaeton (convertible sedan) would be another choice but you can’t park in the roadster area. It is not because of the roll up windows but the cutoff for a roadster is 1937. Bob where are the photos of the Lyon Blue you painted this one?

Fat Jack built this beauty and my wife always drools over it every year at the Outriders Picnic. Jack knows FAT and he is a master of detail.
Bob-O likes the tub with more of a custom orientation and his would have a Carson style top.
I looked at this one when it was in a storage container. A friend purchased the car and built his dream. The car has 350/350, MII, Ford 8 inch rear on parallel leafs and rides like a dream.

Memorial Day Phaetons for the Long Weekend Drives

A true driver built for fun and looks right driving PCH on Sunday. A tonneau would make it perfect.

Paul will probably be driving his Tub this weekend. I think this is one of the best phaeton hiboys built in recent years.

Remember why you are celebrating and be thankful for our armed forces who protect us.

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