Friday’s Model 40

If you follow my blog you will know that I am a big Model 40 fan. I have owned several over the years and find them to be great Hot Rods. A six-inch longer wheelbase, more stylish than a Deuce (to me), a beautiful 33 grille and hood make them my choice. The roadster and the phaeton are my favorites but I like all models including the woodie wagon and sedan delivery. I have featured my roadster, tudor sedan and sedan delivery over the past few years so I will not show those today. I have been on the lookout for a Wescott body roadster, a steel phaeton body project and have located both in my area. Stepping up to the price of these projects have held me back in hopes of a price reduction. That dream hasn’t come true as the projects seem to be priced beyond my budget. It seems like long term projects seem to have more invested in them than the declining market value allows.

The general opinion of most Hot Rodder’s is no fenders on Deuces and fenders on Model 40’s. I am a fan of both but prefer the hiboy look on every model except the sedans. To each their own as you can always add fenders. ASC makes rails that are the only way to go if you are building a car from scratch. They are right on the money and come with or without holes for fenders and aprons. They are cheap by comparison with what you will pay for rusty originals. X members kits are available from CE (Heidts)and Ionia as well as front and rear X members from P&J or TCI. $1500 will put you in a new chassis. Some assembly required — but that’s what I like to do.

You never see an event for Mode 40’s only but that’s O.K. I still love them and park in the back lot.


Have a great weekend driving your Hot Rod!



Stay Tooned!


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The RB have made this design real popular. I love the look but wouldn’t want to drive one.

The unchopped 33 has more of the look I prefer.

I love the 34 roadsters like this one. Plain and simple with ample leg room.

The racer look is captured on the red racer.

Five windows are also great looking Hot Rods. The primer and chop makes it a favorite of mine.

Three windows are more sought after and this one is all motor.

Looking like a High School Hot Rod I grew up with in my town this one brings back great memories. He leaded in the whole trunk.

My friend Billie just purchased this beauty and he never drives it. A truly well-built 5 – window.

I would have to say this is a great looking 33 coupe done in all black with wires.

My first 34 was a sedan delivery like this one. They are quite rare today.

All black with gold wheels look ready to race at the next stop light.

Fenders make this 34 with chopped top look just perfect.

Super rare is this 33 Woodie wagon with original wood.

George had Dave Lane build him a winner from a SAR repo body. Fastlane builds outstanding Hot Rods.

Wayne’s is a beauty also with a great look and stance.

Last years AMBR show had this phaeton on display. I would like one of these also.

Moal built Marianni a beautiful example of a model 40 with a track nose.

An old-timer, built by Jim Cherry, still exists with a friend of mine. This was one of the first 33 phaetons I saw street rodded. They have to be chopped.

I thought I would show you a sedan without fenders to see what you think.

Boyd and Dick built this beauty in the 80’s when smooth was in. I loved this car and Boyd let me drive it. I was hooked. The wb was 116′ and it rode like a dream.

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