Friday’s Model 40 Roadster Hiboys

I stopped by Electrician Bob’s house this morning and helped him set up his front end on his 40 truck project. He had purchased a heavy dropped front axle and the dropped steering arms hit the axle when turning. I had this same problem on Andre and knew how to solve it. Bob had the arms set up in the mill and I helped him make sure they were positioned correctly for a 3/16 haircut. The process took a short time and a trial fit indicated that we had succeeded in making the Speedway arms clear the axle. I used CE arms that required the same cut and also bending the eye so it was parallel to the ground. I don’t know why people who make reproduction parts don’t do their homework prior to producing parts. SO-CAL has the axle that I like as it allows full turning radius with stock spindles and arms. I know they can’t possibly think of every combination we come up with but at least they should fit their own products. The front suspension is looking good and the truck should be a roller by tomorrow.

I was very surprised to receive some photos of the Austin Speed Shop 34 roadster that I saw on the HAMB. I think Keith built this one prior to arriving in TX but I am not sure. The car looks very traditional and hopefully we will learn more about it in the future. As you know, I am a fan of the model 40 roadster for several reasons:

1. The overall design and style of the car has always been one of my favorites.

2. The interior room allows for a tall man to ride in comfort and stretch out his legs.

3. The 112″ wheelbase really provides a nice ride even with a straight axle.

4. They are not that popular and therefore you don’t see hundreds of them at events.

Availability of the model 40 roadster body in the original form is scarce. SAR produced a few steel reproductions and have parts available but I have not seen one for sale recently, although they still advertise them at the shows. (Perhaps the demand is low or the price is too high for most.) The real deals have lots of wood in the bodies which can be expensive to replace which makes the Wescott body more attractive for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I would much prefer an original but they are normally very expensive to acquire and restore. Perhaps someone will build a metal reproduction off shore at a lower price but I doubt it. The Speed 33 is built in Detroit to satisfy model 40 lovers desires for something other than a Deuce roadster. If you have a real sitting in your garage and are not going to do anything with it let me know.

Stoker’s Open House is July 26th – starting at 2:00 pm. Help them celebrate their 2 year anniversary.

Do what all good roadster drivers do on the weekends….go for a ride with the wife.

Stay Tooned!



A nice photo of a 34 hiboy roadster done in an early style with lots of detail. The headers are unusual for this style car which means the engine bay is tight for the motor installation. It appears to be an original body but I don’t know for sure.


Here is another nice photo of the roadster sitting in front of the famous Austin Speed Shop. Note the headers and exhaust system.


Keith (Rex Rods) built this one also. He used a SAR body and original chassis for a clean design hiboy.


Richard loves the early style and has owned this one for years. He owns the Early V8 shop.


You have to take a model 40 anyway you can find it. Note the new sub rails from SAR. The body looks decent.


The door wood is what keeps the metal skin in place so you can see why some doors are out of alignment. The cowl is the same way.

03 rdh

Built in Germany with the help of Dave at Brizio’s this 34 has the speedster profile.


This one was for sale for $25k a few months ago. Lots of work to finish but worth the effort in my mind.


Chris has been working on his for a couple of years and has it looking good. Nice top!


The 33 has the preferred look for me due to the smaller grille sides and swoop back design.


Kevin has owned this one for a long time and drives it regularly. Wescott body with Eastwood an chassis makes it a good driver.



Speed 33 at this year’s LARS really grabbed me and my wife. SO-CAL stocks the bodies now and I guess The Roadster Shop could build you a chassis like they did for me friend Rich.

My Model 40 Weekend Choice!


John’s, Brizio built roadster, was my first encounter with a 34 hiboy roadster and I have never forgot it.


I first fell in love with the Champ QC in a 34 when Roy installed this one in the 90’s. The car came out of LA and was built in Roy’s old shop. John still has it along with many more.

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