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I am always searching for build articles looking for new and old ideas for my roadster. The HAMB provides some of the best build articles you will ever find with excellent descriptions and photos of how the car went together. One new post to the pages of the HAMB is the Deuce shown below, by Hutch Built. I will give you two photos but you need to go to the HAMB and read the entire post. The work is not only innovative but completed in a home garage equipped with every tool you could want. These type of articles about a Deuce or any of my favorite rides really inspire me to go out in the shop and make something. Cory also has completed a few builds on the HAMB and they are all excellent reference material for all of us home builders and professional builders alike. Today’s publications, that are sold in print form, simply don’t have the same depth or pages allotted to give the reader the complete information. On-line message boards allow you to ask the builder questions and receive real answers to real problems you may encounter in your build. I know this for a fact, as I have asked many questions over the past few years and always received some great answers.

Builders like Roy Brizio also have great sites with hundreds of construction photos showing details of the build including close ups. I use these sites all the time for information when doing a blog or searching for a way to do something on my roadster project. Other builders have very informative information you may need on their sites also. You are simple a click away from knowledge in today’s information sharing world. Facebook and Instagram, are full of construction photos of Hot Rods. Join some groups and you will be happy you did. Remember, Google can help you find an answer in just a matter of milli— seconds rather than searching through pages of old automotive magazines we all have stored away in boxes. Sure there are some guarded secrets in these old publications that we will take with us to the grave, but most information is at your keyboard. Give it a try!

The year has passed by quickly and June (Roadster month) is here — along with the famous LARS. I plan to start the hype on June 1st and will bring you all the latest on show information and Open House events. This year the Los Angeles Roadster Club has some new ideas for the show that should make everyone happy which is hard to do. The size of the show, the changes in the Fairplex all make it hard to do the same set-up each year. They have been doing this for many years and have heard all the complaints and suggestions and for the most part have listened to the attendees. We all know one thing, and that is — the show must go on for us Roadster lovers.

Enjoy your weekend!

Stay Tooned!


Click on photos for a larger view


A perfect and correct 1967 — 327/350 Corvette engine with shrouding.


This is the roadster the engine is going in. See the HAMB for complete details. (My Roadster Project) AMBR quality!

2014-12-23 23.08.52

Here is a photo of Cory’s tie rod end adapters being installed on a Deuce chassis. (HAMB)


Roy has some photos of a 34 chassis he is building which I used to make my M/C mount.


Sometimes you can find you idea of your dream rod on Roy’s site.


Haze City has some neat old school items in their trick bag.


Here is another item from Haze City.


Very eye catching and strong with wrap under bracket. (Haze City)


Reed’s has some great construction photos of Jim’s 40 Woody Project.


I love this 34 chassis with the torsion bar front suspension which I found on some builder’s site.(Google)


Cory built the chassis for this year’s AMBR and he detailed the build on the HAMB and Instagram.


I used this simple front end alignment method to line up my front end for driving to the alignment shop. It was right on the money. (Google)


Reed’s builds some crafty and beefy suspension pieces for Jim’s woody.

carter 089_std

Brizio has many different photos showing the various methods he uses when installing QC’s.


Modifying center crossmember for transmission clearance. (Bruce’s)


                           How to adapt a Columbia to your 32 rear axle. (HAMB)


1957 Buick rear backing plates to use with Buick finned drums. (Pewsplace)

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