Friday’s Memories

One good thing about growing old is you have a lot of great memories to recall when you want to. I often times drift back into my youth and think about the great time I had with my cars. My father was a car guy also so we did many projects together. I was always willing to learn what he taught me and I am very grateful for the experience. My father was a hard working man who always thought that having very little extra cash was no excuse for not obtaining what he wanted. I remember we needed an air compressor to paint his 51 Chevy truck. He found some parts and built one himself. He was a mechanical genius. The paint job came out good for those days and with lots of rubbing compound by yours truly it became very shiny. He was not much on shiny stuff just coat it so it won’t rust. I am sure he is building something up there and I know it won’t be shiny. I miss you Dad.

I am not going anywhere this weekend as we have company coming from Atlanta. I even cleaned up my garage so it will be presentable. Our company has no interest in old cars other than a quick peek in the garage. Most people wonder why I spend so much time in my garage. I guess that is from my father also who did exactly the same thing.

When you are feeling low, lean back and reflect on the good times you had in the past and you will feel better.

Stay Tooned!


Probably the most desirable of the woodies is the 1940 deluxe model. They are highly sought after and command a big dollar to purchase in any stage.

Steve is building another Deuce for his collection. The “Red Roadster” has the correct parts that I really like such as a 327, 4 speed, and quick change. Bill built the chassis from a cherry Pete Eastwood sample and it is now ready for the original body to be mounted. These are memories I look back on as I built the same combination in the late 70’s.

A close up of the front shock/headlight mount and Lincoln brakes really fits the build style. I can’t wait to see the body mounted.

If you don’t require a back seat this set up work well and looks good. Note the rear compartment lifts up for storage.

Mariani’s sedan has my kind of interior. I love the complete Auburn dash and insert. The stock seats look right but I am not sure how comfortable they would be.

I know this has become popular lately but I am still very skeptical of this set up.

You can add the “baby” Hemi in a Deuce and gain that non-SBC look. Tom built this one a few years ago.

Today’s Favorite!

You need to really look back in order to remember this classic. One of my all time favorite model 40’s.

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