Friday’s Love of Old Fords

You would think a true GM guy would be writing about Tri-Five Chevrolets instead of old Fords but that has never been the case with me. My father was a GM guy also. He only purchased GM over the years, but my love of the early Fords came at an early age from the neighbor across the street. It all started when our neighbor’s son, Mike, built a Tahitian Red colored Deuce 5-window hiboy with a 265 SBC engine and early drivetrain. You know the style, 39 box, 40 rear end, dropped axle, and because he came from a wealthy family, chrome plated everything he could take off the car. I was several years younger but spent countless hours in his driveway watching him build his Hot Rod. That experience stuck in my mind all those years until I turned 16 in 1957. I knew I had to build a similar car and started the search for a Deuce body, preferably a 5-window. In Decatur, Deuces were really rare, and priced out of a teenager’s budget. My dreams would have to wait until later when I graduated from college. In the meantime, my father and I built a beautiful custom 1953 Chevrolet patterned after the famous Moonglow from California. I became very interested in customs over the Hot Rod coupes because, after all, I was attracted to girls as most young men are. A low slung custom (heated coils and lowering blocks) with plenty of interior room was where my mind was. Add an all white naugahyde interior and you had a sure fire winner with your girl friend.

I had to sell the car to attend college as you could not have a car your freshman year. I had also purchased a 1959 Corvette from a Catholic priest who had received it from his wealthy parents. He took a liking to me and sold me the car. He took payments from me and then just forgave the loan when he transferred to Chicago.  He was truly a wonderful inspiration to me in my younger days. I drove the Corvette with limited interior space for 4 years of college and when I graduated I started the search for that Deuce 5-window I had stored away in my mind. Once in Detroit, I started asking around at work if anyone knew of a project for sale and soon I had one in my garage. The Viet Nam War put a quick stop to the project and I stored it at my grandma’s farm until I came back from duty. The car was never finished as I moved into a finished Deuce 3-window. A long story of how I became hooked on old Fords but 75 years later, I’m still in love old Fords over the Tri-Five Chevrolets.

Old memories sure make you thankful for your life experiences of becoming a “Car Guy!” I ‘m sure many of you have some great memories of your love of the old Fords.

Stay Tooned!



SLR 2016 085

The HRG in MD built this stunning example of a 36 roadster with a full trunk lid. Walt started the project several years ago.

SLR 2016 071

The interior was comfortable on the drive to the LSR this year. Note the unique side curtains/windows.

GNRS 2014 087

Another 36 caught my eye a few years ago at the GNRS. This was a spectacular build.

GNRS 2014 086

A trunk lid had been added for storage room.

GNRS 2014 085

Lots of work to convert to a trunk model but looks factory.

GNRS 2014 084

I love the Duvall windshield on 36 roadsters.


You don’t see a flamed Woodie everyday but this one made the journey to TX also. The wood didn’t catch on fire!

pleasanton 15 021

This was a very clean 33 coupe and very well thought out theme.

pleasanton 15 020

The hiboy coupe had a Chrysler engine and a great look.


Chad Adams builds some righteous rides and drives them to the LARS in June. I liked the color of this one.

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 017

Mark built this beauty with all the correct period pieces. Basic Black,Beautiful and Best of Show in my mind.

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 014

The wood grained dash, LZ wheel and Auburn dash are perfect with the column shift.

swap meet 40 32 merffery bed 016

He had the top done to perfection for the look of the era. Nice Job Mark!

deuce week 001

A bright blue 41 Ford pickup will brighten up your day when he stops by to say hello.

auburn dash 003

Dave installed an Auburn dash in his sedan but like my door, it is in paint jail. The dash looks good in just about any Hot Rod — A-36.


Trucks have always been at the top of my list right after roadsters. JR’s 37 and a customer’s 56 really are two good years for early Ford trucks.


On the high side of the Woodie market is the Sportsman. You have the best of both worlds with this beauty. Wood restoration will break your piggy bank.


Wheeler’s built one of the nicest 40 woodies with a Ford modular motor stuffed into the tiny engine bay.


High School dream car but out of my reach at the time. Mine would have had Halibrands.

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