Friday’s Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend always marks the end of the summer and most of us enjoy the long weekend with family and friends. Car activities are being held in many areas as well as celebrations for the American Worker. We all need a day (long weekend) of rest to prepare for the balance of the year working on our dreams. BBQ’s will be smoking, libations will be flowing and somewhere in between will be the hot rodders driving their cars and having fun on this special weekend. Jane and I always take a drive to Malibu and enjoy the scene on PCH. Pepe is working fine so other than the heat wave we are experiencing, the weekend should be fabulous for cruising.

While I was walking through the vendor area at P-Town, I stopped and talked to Evan from TCI. I asked him about the new Parabolic rear springs they are now offering in their kits. I was familiar with the springs as we offered them on our trucks at GM. The design features fewer leafs and varying thickness springs spread over the Parabolic curve which reduces friction and improves the ride. The new spring set includes two leafs versus the 4-5 leafs in the multi-leaf system. He said the springs combined with the new Ride-Tech shocks will vastly improve the ride and reduce the stiffness of the earlier system. Pepe needs new rear springs (20+ years old) so I will talk to Fred about installing a new set. I have the QA1 shocks on the rear which should be as good as the Ride-Tech units. Hot Rods are never done.

I wish all of you a Happy Labor Day.

Stay Tooned!


I seemed to see quite a few Dearborn Deuce roadsters this year. I guess our age and aching bodies require the comfort of the new Deuce. All of the cars were of high caliber that I saw. The prices were also high, sometimes in the 6 figures.

Steve had his usual display of his creations. Poteet’s 5 window is over the top with details that Steve is famous for. They drive this car and have fun doing it.

I tried to fit in these Deuces but I had a very difficult time getting my right leg through the door. Once in and the seat pushed back under the deck, I could feel somewhat comfortable. Maybe the Deuce roadster is for people with less mass and shorter legs.

Chuck had one of several CMG coupes in attendance. His is powered by a blown flathead hooked to a Columbia rear axle. A very nice ride.

Mega flathead motor with the brushed aluminum look. I hear it goes down the road like a SBC engine.

The 36 roadster is not a common sight at events so I spent some time looking at this one. The correct top profile is mandatory for the right look.

My wife loved this 46 Ford Woody in a light green color. The contrast with the wood combined with the overall stance really caught her eye.

This red 5-window was at my hotel and I had a chance to get a close up view. The rear is an independent and it glides across the bumps with ease.

I have admired this 34 for many years and it shows up each year looking better than ever. It is hard to beat a 34 three window for overall looks.

A little hi-tech but very tastefully done was this 36 cabriolet. Big wheels are still popular with most builders and wheel manufacturers.

If you prefer the IFS on your Deuce these two were available for your inspection. The white one was minus front frame horns and the gray one left them on.

Friday’s Labor Day Special!

I heard a comment about this one not being a “Real Car”. Let’s see, driven from Oregon, super detail and very photogenic… seems real to me.

Enjoy the day and don’t burn the dogs.

Pewsplace 2013

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