Friday’s Labor of Love

As we approach the long Labor Day weekend, I am reminded of how this holiday has always been the end of summer for me and the beginning of hard work closing out Q3 and finishing Q4 on top of the pack. You see, when you are in the sales department, ending the year on top is often rewarded with a nice bonus for your efforts. Bonus money would buy me some nice Deuce parts or perhaps even a whole car that ran (not often). The kids college fund was enhanced by a nice sum and while I wasn’t always the top dog, I wasn’t far behind. I guess, looking at my life now, I am no longer concerned about quotas and deadlines. Or am I?

My wife told me today that I should set a few targets to be accomplished by year end. She was referring to pulling together a plan to accomplish something tangible in the garage. House upgrades are a joint effort in my household but garage projects are usually just mine with a lot of support from the wife. I have concentrated on keeping Pepe in top shape but that doesn’t satisfy my passion for building cars. When you have the entire day to devote to your hobby rather than just the weekends, you need a challenging project. I haven’t lost my competitive spirit to meet deadlines but other than Doctor’s appointments, I don’t have any.

I tried helping others and still do to a certain extent, but that is not like working in your own garage. If you are bored or burnt out, then it is time to switch to a different workload where you are required to perform and meet the challenges put before you. Something “BIG” may be coming soon to Pewsplace.

Enjoy your long weekend, and remember you worked hard to deserve this time off. My hat is off to all of you who labor at your work and provide a livable environment for yourself and your family.

Stay Tooned!





Bare metal cars like this are always of interest to me.


Some roadster owners love to drive their cars on Labor Day.


Pat drove his roadster up to P-Town and enjoyed the show.


Danny, from Bruce’s Rod Shop, built this 48 Ford Coach Maroon Deuce.


A father and son trip up to P-Town with a stop at Pismo.


Henry and Nancy built this 33 hiboy which was one of the first using and IFS. (Not Boyds)


From Facebook, this is another way to build a 37 into a true surf wagon.


I know John will love this 39 Kustom going together. I bet Dave will like it also.


I wish I had this 33 grille hanging in my garage. $$$$

photo 1

Rich and Val stopped for a nice photo opportunity on their way back.

34 post

Here are some real 34 windshield post I located. (Steel not brass)

Labor Day Deuce

rod shot-5

Dick, “Koultools,” has a very unique roadster that he spends his spare time and change making it his.

rod shot-7 - Copy

His flathead is controlled by an ECM which has two modes that allows him to adjust his right foot.

Dick is an accomplished engineer and innovator with a passion for hot rods.


I am not sure what this is but I know he made it.

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