Friday’s Labor Day

I haven’t solved the problem of what happened to Monday’s Museum and Wednesday’s Tradition post but I am going to try and continue on with Friday’s post and see what happens. Thanks to all of you who let me know what was going one. When I finish a post, I publish it and it shows published in  Wordpress. Something happened which I can’t explain but it must have been my error. Rather than repeat the post, I will just comment that the new Petersen Museum is opening December 5th and will include a completely remodeled building with a 2nd floor dedicated to the Hot Rod. We need to support this venue and maybe they will hold the 85th anniversary of the Deuce for all of us Deuce lovers to attend. Send them a letter or email.

The Labor Day weekend brings a close to the end of summer and starts many thinking about what to do to their rides over the fall and winter months. I know we have excellent weather all year long and events coming through December but we also think about some projects we would like to tackle. I am thinking about pulling the rear axle assembly, upgrading the springs, changing the shock mounts and painting the assembly gloss black. I think I could accomplish that task in a couple of weeks during the last quarter of the year. The key would be to have all the required parts on hand and do the conversion quickly. This will take place right after I have the rear door re-done next week. Making some improvements requires some serious thoughts in order not to have the car down for too long. I need to have it back together for our October 20th Back Road Boys trip to Malibu. I have made that a priority and will do a step by step on this blog.

I hope all of you take time to enjoy yourself with family and friends over this special holiday which is in recognition of our workers. It honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country. We all need to be thankful for all of those who do their part everyday to keep our country going.

Stay Tooned!



Make sure you celebrate as you have earned the day off for your contributions.


Barry Lobeck certainly made his mark in the Hot Rod industry as one of the leaders in building cars with his capable crew of employees.




I was inspired by this 40 coupe being upgraded at Frantic’s yesterday. Nothing fancy but real clean workmanship. The springs are the new parabolic ones from TCI.


The job is much easier if you have a lift to keep you off the floor. I may do some talking to Fred. This is a really clean coupe, flathead powered with a C-4 conversion Fred did with his workers.


A previous customer had his beautiful sedan delivery in for some a/c work as it has been really hot in LA.


I know Don will love this photo even though it is a 34 roadster. Note the fenders and front headlight mounts.


You can tell from the license plate that this is from a foreign country.


I first saw Butch’s Deuce a few years ago and admired the front coil-over suspension with a narrowed tube axle. He builds some really nice cars. I believe he was a GM employee also.

hershey 2012 044

Hershey is right around the corner and you can also find some Deuces for sale like this tasty Tub.

1940 woodie #900_920 685

My friend Bill from Nova Scotia located this really nice 40 woody project for me but the cost to bring it to LA was prohibitive for my wallet. It is now becoming a really nice woody. See you in a couple of weeks Bill.

Today’s Garage Find!


For several months I tried to purchase these two 39 convertible sedans that had been stored in a garage next to Frantic’s for several years (30) but the owner would not sell. He later passed away and his widow sold them both for $20K. This one was completely restored with a LB interior and fresh flathead (not installed).


The other one that was rust free and complete with duplicates of almost everything that was unique to this rare model. Some days just don’t work out like you like them.


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