Friday’s Labor

The last big weekend of summer, Labor Day, is here. The BBQ’s will be smoking, refreshments will be available and families will be gathered together to celebrate the fruits of their labor. Yes, American was built on a strong labor force and a growing industrial nation. My father instilled in me the need to seek and education and use it to better myself in whatever field I chose. He was so right— as always. It was a journey that had some interruptions along the way but some inspirational people made me see the light. Sometimes that is all we need to keep focused and meet our objectives in life. I don’t discuss politics in my column, but I will comment that I am not for the “Free Stuff” that is being taunted by some groups. Taking away from the worker to give it to the non-worker doesn’t agree with the America I was raised in. I am not talking about hardship cases but about those who choose to live off the government rather than get an education and employment…just saying!

I have been working on solving the water leakage and the engine compartment condition after a long trip. At first I thought it was loose water pump bolts, next I suspected an overflow condition due to no expansion tank, and finally yesterday discovered the real cause of the water leakage. I had just returned from a long ride in the Valley on a very hot 100 degree day and decided to see if my first two fixes worked. Upon opening the hood, I noticed the water was again all over the engine and upon a closer look discovered that it was coming out of the radiator cap/neck. I waited until the engine cooled and pulled the cap off and examined it and the neck. The cap has two rubber seals and both were suspect with nicks and bruises all around the surface. I did a quick youtube analysis and discovered that could well be the cause of the water problem. I also read that the radiator could develop air pockets and cause heating problems. I purchased another 15 pound cap and installed it along with some new coolant. I made a test drive, again in 100 degree weather, and no leaks so far. I am praying that this is the solution and only the next trip will tell the story. I have never had a radiator cap go bad that I recall. Lesson learned.

I congratulate all of you on your efforts to work and provide for your family and the needy. Celebrate and be thankful you have a job in this day and age. For those of you unemployed, keep pushing, seek a trade that you like and work hard to keep the job.

Happy Labor Day



Stay Tooned!


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shop stuff 024

I show Gary’s delivery often because it is one of my favorite Deuce Phaetons. Built in his driveway with his own skilled hands .

Chase's birthday #2 2010 027

Another Monnich built from the ground up 37 Woody. Lots of labor of love to finish this one.

40 (2)

Gary also built a 40 coupe for his wife. One’s labor is what makes Hot Rods so much fun to build.


Bob-O has built several Hot Rods in his driveway. He has learned his skills over the years.


He even enlisted some help in building a new top for his roadster. Friends are welcomed as they supply the labor, you supply the beer.


The team put a nice top on the roadster. Skilled Labor comes with experience.


He took his son’s roadster and did a top also.


Lots of labor made the roadster a more all weather vehicle. Pretty roadster.


Another local friend builds his cars in his spacious garage with lots of labor and skinned knuckles .


Buy some paint, give it shot and you have a painted roadster.


The project took a while to reach this stage but it was all done right here in the garage.


Some pizza and beer will get you the help you need for this labor intensive body off frame project.


My project was stalled after a couple of years and some health issues. All done in my garage by myself and some friends.


My wife gave me some encouragement to finish the project. She is a good woman.


My late friend Larry built this sedan for his son and did so in his shed behind his house.


The finished product hit the mark he was looking for in the sedan.


Larry built both of these for his son prior to moving on to his next life. I miss him.


I had high hopes for this project but soon let Alan finish it. He is a master at his labor of building cars.


He finished the project and drove it over for my wife to enjoy.


Top up looks good also and with the windows rolled up the wife is happy!

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