Friday’s Household Chores

If you are like me, once in a while you have to do some work around the house (not in the garage) to keep peace in the family. My parts are still at the powder coating place (jail) so I figured I would tackle the side patio repair. She thinks two years is a little too long to postpone the long needed repairs from the beetles damage. As a general rule of thumb, once I start work on a project the first thing that happens is the tool I am using breaks and I need to go to Home Depot to buy some more material. It doesn’t matter that I have purchased the items in the past I just need to go to Home Depot. While visiting HD I stop off at the Rod Shop to see what Steve is working on. Does this sound familiar? I was never meant to be a home repair man.

Dave is back from Austin and said he had a great time but a very long trip on I-10. I will show you some of his photos he shot while in Austin. We will have a good conversation at Toppers next week about his trip. He is the long distant traveler in our group. Our next big trip is to JCP for the car show at the end of the month and the NSRA Nationals in Bakersfield. I am sure I can make it 90 miles without stopping.

Have a great weekend and take the wife/girlfriend to dinner in you hot rod… She will thank you many times over.

Stay Tooned!


Dave thinks nothing of taking off and driving 2500 miles to go to a car show. Here is his well traveled phaeton at the LSR. He has over 150, 000 miles on his buggy sprung hot rod.

Dave also owns a Deuce pickup that he just finished. Do you think he is going to chop his truck? All of his cars are chopped except his truck. He may need a neat dragster to haul to the Reunion in the fall.

Your basic black on black 33 roadster with painted grille and perfect stance. I may add fenders next time.

No show is complete without a chopped Mercury. This sure looks like a really nice build. Clean is the only way to describe one this nice.

Spuds Garage has two real nice Deuces on ebay right now. This 3 window is new to me and is from the Bay Area. Black on Black is sure back in a big way.

Here is the engine I would like to run in Andre. I can’t afford the carbs or gas but I am gathering everything else. Can you say Corvette?

A Deuce phaeton is also listed and is the real deal. Chrome wires, black with red interior and a nice stance make this one a standout in a sea of highboy roadsters.

Here is another way to go in your hot rod. The S.C.O.T blower is very pricey but adds the boost you need with the flat head. H&H does nice work.

Here is you classic resto rod in maroon and black with Tacoma Cream KH wheels. Perfect at any car show.

Friday’s Fun Hot Rod!

Frank has lots of time on his hands now that he is retired. He just added this fun hot rod to his collection. The truck is powered by a 302, AOD and has a nine inch rear axle. Nice ride Frank. He always has a 40 pickup of some kind in his collection.

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