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Merry Christmas 



Jeff Norwell is an accomplished artist that produces Hot Rod art that I like. The above sedan artwork by him reflects my thinking on this cold winter day in LA. Early morning temperatures were in the low 30’s and snow was on the mountain tops. The joyous holiday season has officially arrived and I can think of no better way to pick up the family tree than in a chopped Deuce sedan hiboy. This photo was on the HAMB and TRJ holiday catalog which makes me think the hiboy sedan has finally become accepted in the minds of many of us who love the iconic Deuce. I doubt that many would venture out in the snow but you never know. If you are wondering what to purchase yourself for Christmas try one of these wonderful Hot Rod artist pictures. I wish you and all of your family a wonderful and joyous Christmas holiday. Enjoy the time together and take time to reflect back on the year. We should all be very thankful we have such a wonderful passion for our hobby and the serenity to enjoy it.

Tom Fritz another Hot Rod local artist has many beautiful paintings and this is my favorite Christmas scene which I have in my den. Somehow the driver will attach it to his roadster with the chains.

Yes, this is a couple of Hot Rodders picking up their trees for the family. I am not familiar with Bomonster but I like his artwork.

A beautiful photo from Facebook shows the elegant lines of the Deuce 5-window withe wintery clouds in the background.

Another Tom Fritz painting is this Deuce sitting by the farmer’s field looking for some gas.

Tom Medley has been penning Hot Rod art for many years and this is a favorite of mine. Tom is a real Hot Rod person and still keeps up with his art.

 My long time friend, Thom Taylor, does some outstanding art work also. He has been doing Hot Rods longer than most except for Robin Williams.

Jimmy Smith does some outstanding work also. This is the shirt the HRG sells.

Robert Williams has been creating the painting that have become world famous and pricey.

Friday’s Christmas Feature!

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

See you in 2014 

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