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The conversation this morning at the “Office” revolved around selling Deuce roadsters and buying a late model Corvette. I suspect many people who own one the Deuce hiboys in town would like to sell their car and purchase something with more room. The more we talked the more it seemed like the love of the roadster for some folks has faded and for others still remains strong. I don’t own a roadster so I just listened until they ask me what I thought they would bring. I never answer that question, as the owner has high expectations of what the car will bring. Most investments exceed $50K and owners would certainly like to recover 95% of that in the sale. ├é┬áDepending on the car, that may be possible but will likely result in some sort of trade involved in the transaction. Straight cash sales happen occasionally to a well qualified buyer but in general the market for Deuce hiboys usually involves taking in some sort of trade, which most sellers don’t want. My advice to the group was to take the car to the LARS and make your best deal with a qualified buyer who must have a Deuce hiboy roadster. Competition is tough, as lots of quality roadsters are for sale and some at a very attractive price. The demand is usually from an enthusiast who has never owned a hiboy roadster and must have one. Personally, I think everyone should have one in their collection but that is just me. The wife would like to have a new Corvette roadster to tool around town in… but that is not me.

Whatever happens to our local Deuce roadster fleet will depend on the demand in the next few months for American’s favorite Hot Rod. In the meantime, put’m on the street and enjoy the warm weather.

Stay Tooned!


I doubt that I would want to let one like this go anywhere but in my garage.

Black hiboys have always been my favorite. Yes, they may be small but you will have a wonderful time with the “Roadster Boys” on the trips to Santa Barbara for lunch.

Joe tired of his roadster and traded it for a chopped Mercury. I wonder why no one has cloned this car. The dual dash panels were way cool for the time and would be just as cool today.

Modern day hiboys have all the good stuff and are much more comfortable than the early rides but there are just too many available in the marketplace. If you want one, purchase a done car and enjoy the feeling today as tomorrow may never come.

Mo had one of the best. The car is now fully restored and I don’t think could be purchased for the price of a new Grand Sport Corvette.

Bass built this early hiboy that is my style of hiboy roadster. You and the wife could ride to the local cruise nights and be real cool in your white bucks and rolled up Levis. Maybe it is just me, but how could a Corvette look better than one of these.

Barry could build some of the best profile hiboys for his customers. His style will be around for a long time. He even added some bias tires if the customer insisted.

You can personalize your hiboy with all the bells and whistles so that it stands out in the Deuce display section at your local Goodguys event like Del Mar.

Modern day hiboys are far more expensive to build than they bring on the open market. This beauty was a contender for the AMBR a few years ago and has been on ebay recently.

Pewsplace Hiboy for the Weekend!

I need more room and the phaeton provides plenty for the grandkids. The luggage rack can carry the cooler with the cold ones. (soda, of course) This is not a Wescott but is an Australian model.

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  1. Lynn – those Roll Master dollies are the best dollies ever made. I have a set, and so does my dad. I’m almost thinking about making some clones so I can have more……

  2. Great hiboy pics. I would like to send you a pic of my newly complete nailhead-powered hiboy. Is that possible?

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