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The Memorial Day Weekend is here and it is time to recognize those soldiers who gave their lives so all of us could continue to live in peace as we know it. I was in the Army in the Viet Nam era (66 – 68) and really appreciate what our armed forces do for the World to help maintain peace the best we can. GM did a great job of hiring veterans for various positions in our company. All companies should offer jobs for our veterans as we owe them a chance when they come home.

The last Monday in May also starts the countdown to the month of June for all the events I plan to attend in the LA area as mentioned in Monday’s post. I have been working hard on doing the sub assemblies for Andre and they seem to be taking forever to finish. I plan to work over the holiday and button up some last minute details. As mentioned earlier, I did not tack the rear end pads prior to removing the axle from the chassis but I did leave it intact with secure bottom plates, lowering blocks and a 3 degree pinion angle. I now have to weld the pads prior to having the housing powder coated. I sort of jumped the gun but I thought since I have done so many of these I could weld on the pads without any problems. I can alway add a tapered shim if required. Time will tell.

I have always loved the 40 Ford convertible and Dave and Dick in our “Office” group both have super nice converts that I get to ride in often. Both of the cars are chopped, one 4 inches and the other 2 1/2 inches. I prefer the lesser amount, in fact,t I prefer the non-chopped version the best. The convertible offers the back seat which is a plus at my age. The top bows need adjusted to make the top flow better but that is an easy task for the upholstery shop. Locating a nice 40 convert can be challenging but there seems to be plenty for sale on the internet from very inexpensive to over the $100K mark. I know they are not for everyone but that is perfect if you are looking for one.

Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and don’t forget to recognize the soldiers who gave their life for their country.

Stay Tooned!


A very unusual color on a 40 but it sure strikes me as classy. The top looks stock but the center bow could be lowered to flatten out the roundness. I would add rubber running board covers and be done.

Dave purchased this one off the streets of LA years ago and still has it. He is transforming it into a “Black Beauty”.

Step one was a new paint job. You can still see the purple in the rear wheel wells.

Step two is the upholstery shop (jail) where it has been for several months. He has installed a new stock dash and column. He is trying to decide what color (black or white) to have the top material. Bob-O votes for white.


Just for comparison here is another very nice convert with a maroon interior and top. The doors lend themselves to a simple pattern.

This is the car above and one of the most expensive on the market. A very nice car for the right buyer who demands the best.

Bakersfield had a nice convert for sale this year but again expensive for today’s economic climate. Again, you just need to find the right buyer in this price range.

If you like a little hot rod flavor for your forty convert you might like this one. This is a Bad Boy in today’s builds.

More of a smoothed out example that could have been done in the early days with the Desoto ( Briz) bumpers.

If you can’t make up your mind which 40 you want buy one of each and drive a different one each day. Steve did.

Another Steve,a little farther north, has the same choices when it comes to 40’s or Deuces. The center convert belongs in my garage. I am still saving my money. Gary built the coupe on the right many years ago.

Bob-O loves tubs so I think he could use this 40 tub (39 with 40 front sheet metal) in his collection. Ford should have continued this model into 1940. I know the rumor they built 6 like this for the 39 World’s Fair.

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