Friday’s Heavenly Body

I am leaving for the Bay area to be with my children on Mother’s Day. We always celebrate as a family and I get to go to Brizio’s Shop Party on Saturday. Believe it or not, I attended the first Shop Party he held when he was very young. Roy has built a very successful business and has assembled a crew of very talented personnel. I always look forward to seeing what he has built and his current inventory of customer projects. Parking is a premium but I don’t mind the walk as there are lots of cars to see while walking.

The Project Deuce Sedan is coming together and we have located the primo body to go on Dave’s chassis. The body is one of the best. It is over our budget limit for a body but I thought you might like to see what is still available in Heavenly bodies. You have heard the term, “Too big to fail”… Well this may be one that is, “Too nice to chop”. I have seen some nice bodies cut up in my past but today I would have a hard time chopping a car this nice. So now that we have a primo body and chassis located, all we need to finish the project (besides $$$) is a drivetrain and suspension components. I have access to a dropped Deuce axle and a 57 SW rear but still need some 36 bones. I may find some while in the Bay area. Dave’s chassis could be used as is but the more modern upgrades will provide the reliability we are seeking. I also have a fresh 327 SBC that is ready to drop in the chassis. I heard of a 700r4 that has been sitting in a friends garage for sometime and his wife would like to get rid of it. I read that as “Cheap”. We are almost ready and right on target to finish the hypothetical Project Deuce Sedan this month.

Stay Tooned!


Coming out of storage is this “Mint” Deuce tudor sedan. This is the one for our Project Deuce. No body work required.

The rear panel on most sedans have been hit or worked over the years. This one will buff and shine as is.

The all important tack strip, wood and chicken wire are still intact. Drip rails look in excellent condition. The car is over our budget but in the long run may not be.

Here is another Deuce sedan from one of my viewers in the land Down Under. I love the stance on this sexy sedan.

Pure tradition is shown here. Nice work Graeme and thanks for the photos.

A simple approach to the 327 engine would look something like this one. There will be no A/C or heater in this Project Deuce.

I have this set up in inventory. The carb and manifold are brand new so they will be used on the fresh 327 (331).

Lou wants to let me know that they shoot coupes also. This is a great photo on the salt at Bonneville.

My choice for the Weekend Ride!

I don’t know Lou, this one is hard to beat and has an extra seat for the grandkids.

Here is the above car at Roy’s prior to paint. The car was chopped when they purchased it.

We may be crazy but the 36 bones are the way to go in my mind. I am old you know.

Lets give all the Mother’s a great day as they deserve it. Enjoy your weekend.


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