Friday’s Heat

Temperatures are soaring in LA and the drought continues along with numerous fires. We go through this every year and it doesn’t seem to dampen the spirits of Hot Rodders. However, the conditions do cause concern for keeping your Hot Rod cool while driving on the freeways. Checking your coolant level, electric fan switch, belts and overflow tank to ensure they are good working order may save you some downtime while on your trip. Heavy traffic is an everyday problem on our freeways and it is not always easy to find an alternate route, so we prepare our Hot Rods for the worst. Idling for extended periods normally causes most Hot Rods to overheat. If this condition is present ( 250°+) pull over as soon as possible and let it cool down. Prolonged running at this temperature will cause major damage to your engine. I have never tried any of the coolant additives that reduce the heating problem but I understand they do help cars that overheat. I predict I will run into trouble this weekend on our trip but I can leave early enough to avoid the traffic in Santa Barbara.

While is was hot today, I managed to finished the front boxing plates fitment. Grinding is not one of my back’s favorite positions but I took it easy and so far so good. I also removed the stock curved rear spring and installed coil-overs “just because.” I know they are out of place on a traditional build but I decided they worked well on my last one so they should work on this one. They are so much easier to get the ride height you need and are fully adjustable which, at my age, is a big plus. If a Deuce spring breaks on the road, you are in big trouble unless you have a spare in the trunk. Coil-overs are easily repaired and very seldom break unless installed in a binding condition. With that decision made, I also added a 9″ rear end rather than the quick change I original planned (budget constraints). I should be able to finish the fitment and welding when I return home after our trip to P-Town.

I will be on the road and will try to post some photos when I find time.

Stay Tooned!



My original plan was to duplicate this look as I have done so many time previously. I never liked the ride with the Model-A spring but I love the looks.


I ended up with a fabricated rear crossmember and coil-over shocks. I left the crossmember as I can always add the Quickchange later on.



I made some combination headlight shock brackets but decided I would use the P&J tube mounts instead. Reason — I would have to cut the aprons to form around the brackets and I don’t think I like that look.


Bobby Walden is an expert metal man and this is his well known 34 coupe that displays his amazing talents as a metal shaper and finisher.


Now this is a set-up I could live with. Oh! Those early days of racing!


I always donate one of my son’s Woody Collages for the Silent Auction in Santa Barbara. That woody would look good in my garage.


Hercules Motor Car Co. builds some really nice new Woody bodies like this 37. I have always like this one from NC.


1940 Ford pickups are really popular with both restorers and Hot Rodders. They offer superb looks when done in this style.


When I first moved to CA, Fat Jack was racing this “Fat Boy” against Jerry Moreland’s 40 tudor sedan. What a show they put on in Fremont!


We have an annual “Antique Trailer Show” which attracts some really nice units like this one with a matching Nomad to do the pulling.


This little roadster attended our Adventure to Solvang and was a very nice ride with some old and new styles incorporated into the build.

Today’s Photos


This beauty is looking real good and waiting for his turn at the Molbilgas Flying Horse station.


97.2 MPH and a rare site at Muroc where Deuces were everywhere. I was 5 months old and little did I know this would be my dream!

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