Friday’s Heat and the Need for Speed

We are blessed with the desert heat this week and I am sitting a my keyboard with the A/C keeping me cool. I know my friends on our monthly coastal trip really enjoy the top down ride as the Pacific normally keeps the air cool while driving. The Valley, where I reside, is a different story. You would want an A/C roadster like a Speed 33 or Dearborn Deuce on days like today. If this sounds like a cop out, then so be it, but the 106 degree temperatures are down right dangerous for mature roadster drivers. Gary and Tom drove as far as they could and way before the sun came out on their recent trip back east. The cars can have a problem with extreme heat, cooling systems, fans (manual and electric), fuel pumps, filters and the whole supply system. Make sure yours is in top working condition if you are going to have a trouble free trip.

While I was visiting Frantic Fred’s today, he mentioned that his external fuel pump for his TPI unit failed twice during his trip to MN for the “Back to the Fifties” big bash. The first failure was in the extreme heat of the desert and the second was in CO at the high elevations. The car, Lu’s 56 SW just stopped and would not run until the system was cooled down. The culprit seems to be the electric fuel pump which needs to be mounted inside the fuel tank not externally mounted. Pepe’s pump is mounted near the tank so the pump pushes not pulls the fuel to the engine. The proximity to the exhaust system in old cars makes for interesting fuel problems under certain conditions. I hope to add an in tank pump to at least the rear tank to reduce the starving for fuel problem. Fred has one for an installation and I will do a tech article for my blog. When your car won’t run and you are in the middle of a sparsely populated area you need a good sound fuel and cooling system.

I wasted today due to the heat but enjoyed the lunch with Fred who was busy putting A/C in a 56 T-bird. He is amazing for his age that he can still crawl under those little dashes to get the job done. He also has my new shock brackets which I hope to have installed prior to P-Town.

I may head down to the Donut Derelict show on Saturday if I can encourage some of my peers to get up early.

Stay Tooned!


photo 5

Rich has decided to part with his Speed 33 project and pursue another project. This is a wonderful opportunity to finish a high end build roadster to your satisfaction.

photo 4

The engine is not installed in this photo so the car will set perfect with the engine and transmission installed.

photo 5

The car sure looks good along side his owner built plane. Does he have all the toys? That is an LS3 engine

photo 2

A Roadster Shop chassis should make the car ride and handle like a dream. He has the same set-up under his Deuce and it is the “Best”.


A Kugel rear suspension is installed with a custom rolled pan and unique tailpipe outlets. If you have an interest in this wonderful project let me know and I will put you in touch with the owner.


Save the hairpins the above Speed 33 could look like this rendering. The profile is hard to beat and Rich has done all the hard work.

Some nice examples of finished Speed 33’s and SAR Bodies


Here is a nice example of the earlier style hiboy model 40 utilizing outside door hinges and competing for the big one in Pomona.


Here is a very clean Speed 33 in the hiboy style I love. The lines of the 33 hood and grille are my favorite. Rootlieb can sell you a whole new hood for about $1000 which is a deal.


One that has made a big splash on the West Coast is this full fendered model with and extended hood. He also pulls a Mullins trailer sometimes. Maybe Jim will pull his Mullins behind his 34 phaeton this year.


I saw this one a P-Town a few years ago and my wife commented, “Why don’t you build one like this?” Isn’t my wife nice? I love her!


This was a simple example of an axle car with coil overs on the rear. Skinny tires and smaller diameter tires would make this a Pewsplace keeper.


Here is a very similar example of the about styling I like in these cars, but the full independent suspension cars really do ride much better if that is important to you. Ride or looks is a personal preference and thank goodness we have enthusiasts who like both styles. Mine would me this color.


This one may be a little too smooth for some of you but I thought is was perfect when I saw it at a show.


Boyd built this one for Jammie and it too won the big AMBR trophy in 1982. It was Boyd’s first AMBR win. I believe this was a real body but not sure as Babb was making them back then also. I wonder if he still is producing bodies?


The cars seem to look good in about any color, but black is regal looking and sinister at the same time. You know the kind I mean. This car has a more traditional look than the above smoothie styles. Which do you prefer?


One more to brighten up the black beauties about. This was at this years LARS. I believe the Roadster Shop has chassis ready for these bodies. Today’s cars are just another option for you to consider is you are wanting a new roadster like I am. SO-CAL has them in stock and Rich has one that is close to being finished. What are you waiting for?

Friday’s Ride


Roy has put his mark on the Speed 33 body also with this stunning example of a hiboy for Greg Weld. This is his wife’s car. Jane would be happy with this one.


Of course, Sid did his usual fine job of making the interior fit for the “Lady”. This cozy interior would please most of our “Queens”. Did I mention the window roll up for keeping their hair perfect?


If you use the Helical cut “Quiet Gears” from Winters then she will be pleased with the small drone coming from the rear.


If Roy build the chassis, it will go down the road – Guaranteed! The LS motor is 425 hp. See his site for full build details.

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