Friday’s Gentle Rain

As I am writing this blog, I am watching the soft gentle rain coming down from heaven and sprinkling drops over the pool’s surface. We need rain so desperately that any amount is welcomed. I was coming home from the “Office” when the rain first started but I was able to pull in the garage just prior to the downpour. Pepe cleans up with a nice soft yellow cloth due to the amount of wax I keep on the car. While I was cleaning, I thought I would recheck the engine compartment for any loose manifold bolts, radiator leaks and oil level. All checked out fine, so I am ready for our run to Summerland next Tuesday. Our “Back Road Boys” have been dormant for a few months but we are ready to hit the road again. This will be a short trip for a good lunch and a Foster’s shake on the way home.  We may make it out to the Santa Barbara Pier but that depends on the appetite of the group. These little trips keep all of us in contact with each other and really provides a chance to drive our Hot Rods through some very picturesque countryside. Jane loves to ride along and keeps me company on these trips and takes some nice videos. It is always nice to share and experience with someone rather than tell them about it afterwards. We are looking forward to a good time.

While at the “Office”, Bob-O offered me a 40 rear axle assembly today and I will go pick it up over the weekend if it doesn’t continue to rain. I am not sure I will use the Halibrand Champ in the attic or spring for a new Winters V8 model. My decision hinges on locating the differential to use with the Champ. I have done a couple of them and they are pricey to have machined but I do like the looks of the Champ with adapter plates for the 40 axle tubes. Ken at Speedway does a super job of installing the 9″ Ford ends using super Tig welders. I need a set made up for any future projects that may be forthcoming. I removed the 9″ from the jig and will install the 40 housings next week after having them blasted and new ends installed. I seem to do this on every build — start with a 9″ and end up with a quickchange. I am of the opinion that a roadster must have the QC for the “look” not necessarily for the performance factor. A roadster must have the look to attract my attention. The rear crossmember I installed will accommodate either axle choice, if I use coil overs, and I like the flexibility of having a choice to change down the road. I will be finishing up the front crossmember tomorrow and hopefully it all comes together as I vision it.

The weekend brings the Vintage Trailer show in Pismo Beach as well as the Paso Robles Roadster show, so if you are on the coast this weekend you will see lots of vintage cars and trailers during your journey. We live in paradise if you have the passion for “Keeping the Flame Burning!

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pismotrailer2013 014

Being a GM man I love this beauty that showed up last year.

pismotrailer11 022

My father loved the Airstream trailers and would have loved to own one like this complete with COE.

pismotrailer11 010

Another beauty being pulled with a classic Mercury Woody. Looks like fun to me.


A bare metal beauty showed up today on the HAMB. A metal master’s craft is bound to be a huge success in the Hot Rod World.

Lynn's Driveway-Troy,Mich 001 - Copy

John sent me some photos he snapped back in about 1969 when he visited me in Troy, MI. I had just installed a NOS –  59L – Canadian block with an Isky cam, Navarro heads, Edelbrock Slingshot manifold and Fenton headers. (which John supplied) This was also my first Jim Babb all brass radiator. The wife never new a flathead could cost so much money. The car is still in Atlanta where I sold it upon being transferred to Atlanta in 1973, I don’t think the current owner ever finished the car. My first born son, Chris, loved to ride in the car with Jane.

Lynn's Driveway-Troy,Mich 001 - Copy (3)

I didn’t know about hiboys in those days but pulled the fenders for painting black. I eventually removed the spare tire and added a luggage rack complete with correct bar. This car was replaced with a 34 tudor sedan (more kids) with SBC and Jag rear end. (circa 1974)


Long time friend and fellow GM worker has just finished having his roadster painted. That HEMI is for some serious fun.


The cockpit leaves no imagination as to what this roadster was built for…..driving and having fun.


Fenders are growing on me as are the louvered deck lids and Limeworks trunk handles. Tom you built a nice roadster.


Adams Rod Shop builds some very nice roadsters with the Wanless windshield. They have the look that is so popular today.


Just a reminder that we are only a month away from the LARS where cars of this caliber are on every corner of the Fairgrounds. Cam builds his Deuces his way and they are always at the top of the glass. Cream rises to the top as my father used to say.

Friday’s Forty Deluxe


Tim Bedford builds some of the nicest 40 Fords being built today. Here is one of his early convertible builds that is one of my favorites. He has the look and stance down to a science and can duplicate his build style better than most.


He maintains a simple but functional engine compartment with a very clean approach for all the amenities he installs.


His interiors always compliment the cars exterior with a basic approach to an elegant look.


The rear profile is just as satisfying as the side showing off the beautiful CMG color.


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