Friday’s Garage Crawl

I had a full week of “Living the dream” and I was resting comfortably in my easy chair reading the latest Rodder’s Journal when the phone rang. My college buddy, Chip, was on the phone and inviting me to do a little garage crawling with him and his high school buddy down in LA. I am into hot rods and he is into Corvettes and I was really tired, but decided to make the trip (not much arm twisting was required). I headed over to the “Office” to announce I was heading south, grabbed a quick decaf and arrived in time for the departure to a secret garage filled with Corvettes and other collectibles. The industrial complex is unsuspecting and all white to blend in with the surrounding area. We waited for the owner to arrive and soon were overwhelmed with the opening of the door and a vast array of beautiful automobiles staring at the new strangers who had come to admire them. The interior is completely remodeled with highly polished floors, stained wood beams and blue pipes. All  fifty-five ears were highly detailed and spotless. Needless to say, we were all impressed as the owner explained in detail each of his children and their heritage. Chip is restoring a 1957 Corvette “Big Brake” model  for the owner and we were treated to a little history of the racing brakes GM developed for the Corvette as well as an inspection of a 62 model being worked on. The car was on the lift so it was easy to see the procedure and ask questions. I thought I was at the GM Technical Center and it was 1962 all over again. Thank you Mr. Collector and Chip for a wonderful day doing what I do best….looking, dreaming and enjoying my retirement. I roughed in the final shape of the Deuce front cross ember this afternoon and my fingers are sore tonight and I must watch American Idol so that’s all for today.

Have a wonderful weekend  and when you come to a fork in the road….take it!

Stay Tooned!


The week started off with my neighbor bringing home a late Christmas present he purchased with his holiday bonus. A 1957, dual quad, four speed fully documented and restored to the max. I suddenly remembered my early days in college and my red and white 1959 Corvette. I met my wife with this car and she had to drive it when I lost my license. Yes, the early fun years were not always pleasant.

A kid in a candy store couldn’t have had more fun than we did looking and listening about one mans dreams and pursuits. 1953-1968 models were all.

Some early Oldsmobile convertibles were on display and I don’t recall seeing them in my past. The 38 on the right looks like it has a factory chop.

Several vintage engines were on display which progress from 1957 forward to the mighty Hemi. I feel in love with the 57 FI and the cool engine stands.

I really thought this would look good in a 40 coupe. Steve, are you thinking coupes tonight?

No, this is not staged setting at the GM Technical Center in Warren, MI but a real life garage crawl find in LA. The 50 Oldsmobile convert was one of my favorites as well as the racing, big brake Corvette on the lift. This is the shop area in the new building. I am jealous.

The GNRS always has several cars that require a second look on Saturday. Rudy has a way with the model 40 that others try to duplicate. I do love Hot


This one has been around for a long time and still looks good to me. I would add a full hood and remove the side exhaust for a new look and start enjoying the ride.

A roadster owner needs a sedan delivery for the long hauls and vice versa for the run up the coast highway. Maybe my wife will take the hint.

A rare sight at today’s shows is the Deuce phaeton and I don’t know why. Glass or steel they make a beautiful ride. Push the front seat back about 3 inches and stretch out.

I spotted this one on the street today and had to stop and ask the question…No it’s not for sale. You never know, always leave your card for the phone call later on. A very solid car with tack strip and all. Drive it home and enjoy. He has the hood and grille.

The Dearborn Deuce has become popular with some roadster drivers. Roy had a hand in this one. Steve…will this work for you?

I always seem to be thinking about my past and this style of hot rod will always be a hit with me.

Friday’s Tech!

If you want to run an automatic and retail the K-member look then IHRS has the answer. The fabricated legs and rear section have been moved rearward to accommodate the large automatic transmissions. I like the look but would fabricate the rear section rather than cut up and original.

This is how you spread your front reversed eye spring to attach to the shackles.

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