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I have always been more of a driving event fan than a static display — set in your lawn chair— fan. Both have their merits but driving to the venue, competing in the driving adventure and driving home is where my true desires lie. One such premier event in the LA area was the Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run which originated in the early days at the Rose Bowl. Eventually, discontinued and remained dormant until a few years ago, when some current PRC club members took the initiative to recreate the event for roadster owners of vintage Hot Rods. The first meet was started at the Rose Bowl, but with today’s rules and regulations, the event was moved to the Pasadena Junior College parking area. The participants grew as did the spectators and again the PRC stopped producing the historic event. I really would like to see an event like this become a part of the Southern California Car Culture in the near future. I have talked to several people who also like the idea and would be willing to be a part of a feasibility study to determine the next step. Selecting the venue is the biggest obstacle and probably the deal breaker for most clubs without  sponsors. I am not sure what it cost to produce a run, but with the social meeting advertising being free and car clubs assistance I can’t imagine the cost would be prohibitive. I know liability insurance might be expensive, but we never had that in the past for our car gatherings. I know today, it is mandatory with organized events — even with signed waivers by the participants. If you have an interest in being part of this feasibility study, let me know. Lets make it happen!

The Hot Rod Hill Climb in Colorado and the Race of Gentlemen in New Jersey are two events that are the result of some hard working individuals who made it happen for the Hot Rod community. I’m sure they went through some heavy red tape to make the events possible, but they succeeded and we need to support these events when asked to do so. The hobby will only be sustainable if we support it with whatever is asked for by the producers. Complaining about an entry fee being too high or boycotting these events will only end in ZERO activities in our area. If you would like to some more driving events held in the LA area then start talking it up with your club members or social group.

The weekend brings the premier 356 Porsche show at the beautiful Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort Hotel in Dana Point. Not a normal subject for Pewsplace, but I have always have a soft spot for this classic Porsches.

Stay Tooned!



The fall chill air felt good as they roadsters gathered for the start of the PRC Reliability Run.


The all important drivers meeting, explaining the rules to the participants, brings the group together.


The line extends back about 60 cars — all roadsters. Mostly flathead powered with a few SBC’s hiding under a full hood.


Mark had his truly magnificent roadster in the line up. What a beautiful roadster! This is a perfect execution of a classic roadster by a strong supporter of our hobby.


Two 34’s caught my eye as I headed to the middle of the long line of roadsters. I stopped for a long time to look at these two beauties.


Sam had Bob Drake’s old Deuce phaeton on the run today. I would love to have this one in my garage.


A 29 on Deuce rails is always a nice roadster to join in the fun.


Here is a closer look at the tub with the flathead mill.


Note the unusual louver pattern in the deck lid and LZ tail lights.


I am a big fan of the expensive Auburn dash in the Deuce roadster.


This is the first time I had seen this masterpiece creation by some of the masters in the business.


Rory’s 34 was one of my picks for a true Hot Rod built in the garage. TRJ  featured roadster.


This is the look of the current builds using the Brookville body.


Pat had his roadster ready for the run. The Caddy looked good hiding under the louvered hood.


Another Auburn dash keeps Pat up to date on the Caddy. If he fits in a Deuce, I know I can.


Doug, a long time fan of the Reliability Run, came down from Reno to enjoy the day.


Paul always has a neat car that he brings to the event. His AMBR contender now has fenders. This is the year of the Tub. Hint, Hint! Brookville we are waiting for the bodies.

Today’s Photo


When you run in the mountains you are bound to see some snow above Pasadena. Great photo by Dennis!

My Other Car Interest


The fun begins at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort in Dana Point this weekend.


I know some of you must love these little VW’s! My son does.

Porsche 072b

My friend Tom has just completed his Speedster that his family purchased new in 1957. He is a master of his craft and this masterpiece will be in the show on Saturday in Dana Point. (Baur photo)

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