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Retirement is about keeping busy and I have been too busy lately. We have been on the go traveling and enjoying life as much as possible. When working, I always felt I never had enough time to work in the garage on my cars —well guess what — I still don’t have adequate quality time for working on my projects. I wondered why I am so busy and I finally figured out that I need to plan my activities a month at a time. The plan should include “Garage Time”. I always managed to stay on top of all the balls in the air while working but sometimes I let some of them hit the ground since I retired. I admire those people who work on building cars in their home shop and make a comfortable living doing so. It takes a strong will to work at home and stay motivated due to the distractions you have in your environment. I know several small shops that are behind the family home and the proprietor turns out some high end Hot Rods.

Yesterday I talked about the artists and photographers and they, for the most part, are self employed. They depend on self motivation to accomplish their crafts and provide a steady income. Some do real well and others end up taking a corporate job to have a steady income. The back yard builder  must also depend on self motivation to provide income for his business. Basically, all aspects of designing, building, assembling and photographing Hot Rods consists of individual talents as well as teams to provide the finish products. Each phase requires different talent and management skills but in the end, those who achieve national recognition have accomplished their goal. Builders like Roy Brizio, Steve Moal, Troy Ladd, Tom Walsh and a host of others have mastered their craft, built teams and succeeded in our industry. No small task! As we look to future, I hope that the talent continues to be attracted to the Hot Rod profession and will ensure that the “Flame continues to Burn”.

Have a enjoyable weekend and make time to work in your garage.

Stay Tooned!


Ryan Reed

Reed’s Ride Designs



Ryan, who owns Reeds Ride Designs, is finishing up Jim’s beautiful 40 Ford Woody Wagon. He does excellent work and has the “Eye for Design” required to create a Picasso every time. He fabricated the entire wheel housings and raised floor necessary for the huge tires and lowness of the chassis. This will be a show stopper when completed. Note the rolled beads and design. Lots of work and time in this project.


Ryan’s work has been recognized by TRJ and many others publications. His attention to detail and stance is second to none.


Ryan’s chassis work is top notch and always has a little something different from the off the shelf look.


Ryan’s personal 37 coupe has also been featured in TRJ. Amazing use of color and components.

Tom Walsh

Walsh Restorations

Toms shop mar.2011 003

Tom Walsh and his long time friend Gary have collaborated on several projects over the years. They each continue to turn out some high quality Hot Rods and Woodies.

Toms shop mar.2011 007

George and Tom also have worked together over the years to solve some of the challenges of building a Hot Rod.


Tom has built several magazine feature cars like his beautiful 1940 Ford coupe.


Dave has used Tom to build him a couple of Hot Rods over the years. This is Tom and Dave’s latest project. Tom and Dave share the ” Need for Speed” sickness.


I had the pleasure of driving this Walsh creation for a few years and I should have kept it. Dave and Charlie now own this wonderful driving resto-rod.

Bob Oney

Ohio Hot Rods


Bob is a well known builder in Ohio and builds some very nice cars and loves woodies.


Readers Rides


Bob Lee has owned this 1940 Standard for 38 years. He also owns a CMG 1940 Ford convertible which shares the garage space.


Larry has a very nice 1949 Ford convertible that looks like it would be a great ride for cruising.


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