Friday’s Fundamentals


Ray had this nice photo of Lucy on Facebook so I borrowed it to show you how he has made the car his.

I worked all day in the garage in high heat and had lots of frustrations trying to mount the 32 rear spring. I measured so many times that I became confused. I just tacked all the brackets so they could be moved and I had to move one of them. The curved spring is more of a problem that it’s worth but I still use them. Next week I can mount the axle in the rear crossmember and see if everything is where I want it. Have you ever noticed that when you want those P&J shackles to just push through the moly bushings — they become stubborn. I have been down this road before and have learned the spring and hanger must be in perfect alignment so they won’t bind. I have a homemade spring spreader but I can’t find it. Bob-O has one that I can borrow tomorrow.

I did check with P&J, (Jason) and the aluminum axle is priced the same as the chrome cast axle, not the plain one. The axle is still a good deal is you want to spend near a $1000 for an axle. I chose the SO-CAL unit which Billy sells for under $300 and they look good painted, which is my style. Dave has been helping me with the front brake selection using F250 backing plates and Buick drums and the process can be done a couple of different ways. I should have some photos to show you next week of how to do this age old conversion. I also picked up a set of repo Lincoln’s if I want to go with the stylish Lincoln drums. M/T products seem to have the best parts on the market. My long range plan is to have Santa bring me a set of JHRS Kinmont style disc brakes.


The use of Buick drums (Lincoln backing plates) is still a good traditional style but putting a set together can be costly.


JHRS as cast Kinmont’s are a nice piece of work and look better than the Buicks in my mind.


The GNRS is just around the corner so save your money for a trip to LA.


This is how it looked on Saturday mornings in the early days of Hot Rodding.


You might see Jay and Bruce driving the McGee roadster right next to your rental car.


Parked in the shade this little 3 window caught me eye and I had a close look. The hairpins gave it away.


On the other hand, this one was an in your face hot rod.


Zora’s lady had the privilege of driving one of the first V8 powered Corvettes. He was a ladies man.

1939 Ford Convertible Sedan


Bobby purchased this Tub a couple of years ago and restored it for his driving pleasure. I am trying to interest Bob-O but he would have to chop it.


The interior is very stock with special woodgraining  and leather seats.


I think this would look good sitting next to Pepe and the wife loves these convertible sedans.

Someone needs our prayers.

The aging process takes its toll on humans as well as old cars. Sometimes you wish you could just buy a patch panel that would solve your problem. Talented surgeons and metal shapers can repair most problems today or at least prolong life a little longer. I have been reading about Dick Spadaro and his battle with a serious medical condition. Dick is one of the most helpful guys in the old Ford parts business and one of the most knowledgeable. I wish him all the best in his battle and hopefully some NOS parts will cure his condition. My prayers are with you Dick.

See you the rest of you at the Outriders Picnic on Sunday at Irvine Lake.

Stay Tooned!


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