Friday’s Fun

I mentioned that my friend Bob O had to have his GM 400 transmission rebuilt prior to leaving for Bonneville this morning.  He called last night and told me the transmission was back in his coupe and the rebuild bill was $2,000.  WOW!  I didn”t know they cost that much to rebuild.  I know I am sticking with the GM 350 in my cars as you can buy a rebuilt one for around $600 in our town with no core.  He is happy with the car and left at 5:00 AM this morning.  He will call in as he makes the trip and keep me updated on those Firestone bias tires.  Bonneville is about a 12 hour drive and good roads all the way so he should be O.K.  If you blow a tire you will have big problems locating a new bias tire and radials tires don’t mix very well.  I wish him luck.

I solved my fuel pump routing problem by talking to Orme Bros. about their Aeroquip black braided hose that I used on the transmission cooler on my last project.  They said it is an excellent choice for fuel and to go ahead and make the flex portion from the hose.  The installation looks a lot cleaner and allowed me to run the hose inside the frame rail away from the headers.  Fuel lines close to heat are not a good condition in a Hot Rod.  I am running an Edelbrock filter near the carburetor but also plan to add a filter near the fuel tank to make sure the fuel stays clean.  I had a convertible once that would starve out for fuel due to a small clogged filter near the carburetor.  I added the rear one and the problem went away.  You can still purchase bad gas in some of these small towns.  Bob O has a range of about 200 miles in his coupe with a stock gas tank and will be filling up frequently on his long trip. Lucy has a small gas tank also but I plan to keep my driving local when the time comes.

The weekend is quite for Pewsplace as our son and his wife are back in town and we will be with them.  I think I might take in the Donut Derlicts show in Huntington Beach on Saturday as we are heading to Orange County for the weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Stance is everything on a 40 coupe.  The wheels are too large for me but hey it’s a 40 coupe.

Bob can turn out the cars in a matter of months.  I need him at my house for a while.

The 4 x 4 blocks are holding the SD while he is having his brakes fixed.  Note sign on parts store window.  This is a super SD with a flathead for power.

One of my favorite hiboy sedans from TX.  Simple, clean and my style of sedan.

This patina sedan is sure to please the owner when the crowds walk up and take a closer look.

George will probably have a new ride at the salt this year but this is one of my favorites that Roy built.

Here is an early photo of a nice SD going together at Roy’s.  The final color will be Washington Blue.

They keep showing up at the local shops for a restoration.  The Limeworks is doing this one.

Mor-doors are really nice to haul the family and grandkids to the park or ice cream parlor.

Today’s Rides….dreaming.

Always a great choice for the Donut Derelict show on Saturday morning.

I put this one in for my buddy Chip as he would select this one for his ride to Huntington Beach.

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