Friday’s Fun with Cars

The next big Deuce show is the Northwest Deuce Day event in beautiful Victoria,BC on July 18-21, 2019. Several of my friends are planning on attending the huge event and have left their cars at various places after attending the LARS. Hailed by many as the best venue of any for holding a car event. Spaces have been sold out for months and hotels are booked to the max for the show.

Other years are also accepted for the show, but Deuces are the main feature. The Venue is very scenic with the water and hotel being the main attraction. Edelbrock’s Victorious boat made its way the show along with a couple of his Deuces. Tours are organized for many who are making the trek to Victoria. Pam has a large following for her trip to the event and several others are planned also.

Northwest Deuce Days is held every three years and has been a success each time it was held. The City of Victoria and the promoters are to be congratulated for holding this prestigious .

Stay Tooned!


Line up for first nights stay!
Beautiful scenery along the way!
Beautiful Victoria, BC
Dual delivery’s at the Victoria.
The WI tour to Victoria!
The three who endured the drive!

Boccali’s Back Road Boys tour!
Checking out Dave’s 40!
Delicious lunch with the Ventura V8 Club members.

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