Friday’s Fun

While at the “Office” this morning we began discussing Speed Week and the annual trip to the Salt Flats. Bob-O has been a regular for several years and was planning on leaving tomorrow. I thought I would check Facebook to see how the weather was holding and I am glad I did. It seems a flash flood hit the area and flooded the courses with a couple of inches of rain. I quickly moved over to the SCTA Facebook page and sure enough, they postponed the Tech inspection for a day and moved the racing to Sunday. The delay should give mother nature some time to dry out the salt, but I doubt that our group will drive the distance betting on the come. I followed several groups coming from the East Coast and the Midwest who are in Utah today, so I hope the weather stays sunny and the salt dries out fast. Bonneville is famous for some flash floods. I can remember Boyd burying his big yellow rig in the salt (mud) and having to have it towed out.The clean up took several days of hard labor and cost a few bucks to make the truck new again. Racing is expensive and weather can always cause havoc on race day. I wish them all the best this year.

Pepe has developed some type of liquid leak under the front rack and pinion but I can’t locate the source. I need to put the car on a lift and let it run to identify the problem. I will take it over to Frantic’s and see if he can give me a quick fix. The liquid is clear which puzzles me. Perhaps it is water but it feels like an oily substance with no smell. Strange! My father used to tell me, ” Son, a hot rod without a problem is not a hot rod.” He was always right.

I have not been doing much in my garage this month due to the “Honey-do-List” but I am almost finished with the Patio repair and will start some front end work next month. I am building a mock dropped axle using the new SO-CAL axle and some Lincoln brakes with some new scoops that Dave found. This should be fun.

For those of you who have not heard the sad news, one of our hobbies good guys, Dick Spadaro, has undergone surgery for a brain tumor and is very ill. He is one of the most knowledgeable early Ford guys in the business and a true asset to our enthusiasts. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Take a nice long walk along the water and cool your heels while dreaming of your next build. Try it!

Stay Tooned!



Dale and his crew are heading to B’Ville for some real racing fun. I don’t think he sleeps.


This is an early morning photo of the Salt Flats after the flash flood. Doesn’t look good to me.


Here is a later photo showing some real problems for the racers. Maybe they should bring canoes to get around.


Louie took this photo of the 2014 NSRA giveaway car which I truly love. The car has an excellent profile and is very traditional looking. I wonder if the cockpit is any larger than the roadster. I don’t think so.


The interior looks comfy with the Goolsby dash and pedals (Lokar) adding some more class to the cockpit.


I know these two are having great fun during their race. This is what it is all about to me. Bring back the PRC Reliability Run soon.


Ryan has received lots of attention on his re-do of this roadster. He has the eye for stance that he must have learned from Fat Jack.

32 sun 031

Progress is coming along nicely on the sedan project I have been showing you. The “Stance” is right on the money.

32 sun 037

Notice how the tire and wheel fill up the opening. Once the car is finished and driven it will sit even lower.


A real phaeton is hard to find today but this one could be yours for a good price. See ebay.


Henry has sold his famous deuce sedan and I’m sure will miss it. I know he will follow with another winner in the future. I still have this car as my favorite hiboy sedan.


A 33 cabriolet is one classy ride and this one is “Righteous”. Black paint doesn’t lie about straight panels.


Roy is building a roadster with a little different twist. This frame has been raised as have the wheel openings. This is no small task but looks factory when his team finished.


A quick look inside and you can see the major work involved to obtain this low effect. Note the JHRS bones. I love the look of the bones for a change.

Friday’s Memory Lane 


Mine wasn’t this slick but it still was my best custom at the time. Moonglow had every teenager thinking about how nice Chevrolets could look if you couldn’t locate a Mercury. Putting Appeltons through the post was no small task as was chopping the top. My dad did the work for me.

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