Friday’s Fun

Our crew headed out to the NHRA Museum on Wednesday to attend the last cruise of the year. The weather was perfect (70’s) and the traffic was light going and coming. We had a good time and enjoyed the cars and the museum tour. The darkness comes early this time of year so we headed to the Red Robin for dinner and some good food. I always enjoy this event especially at Christmas when everyone seemed to be in a good mood. Lots of toys were donated for the needy children and Dave McClellan thanked all of us for attending. The event opens up again in April.

The final event for me will be the Malibu Woody Parade this Sunday. This is a small event for Woodies and is a lot of fun stopping at various venues for some snacks and drinks. This will be our 4th year and we have met some really nice woody owners that are regulars at the Paradise Cove venue. I will decorate Curvy tomorrow so she fits in with the rest of the Christmas woodies. My wife really enjoys this event and loves to go to Malibu and see the sights.

Have a wonderful weekend and take the hot rod for a ride.

Stay Tooned!


This little  A-roadster had a blown Pontiac 4-cylinder detailed to the max and some clever engineering throughout the car.

A much modified Cadillac was parked in front of the Museum for all to admire. We talked to the owner and he was very helpful in describing his car and the modifications. Customs were everywhere at Museum.

We also spent some time looking at the 51 Mercury with lots of modifications and a Buick Nailhead engine. All of the work was flawless.

I love Deuce sedans and this was a well used driver that still looked fantastic to me. Patina like this is real not added on.

A un-chopped 50 Mercury was a mild custom, high school, hot rod like my friend Daryl had. Clean was the perfect word to describe this build.

A very nice Lyon blue 40 showed up later in the evening and I fell in love all over again. The 41 bumpers were and old custom trick.

Dave drove his 3 window out with us so we could say we had one Deuce in the group. Dave has owned this one for many years and drives it whenever he can.

I had not seen this 3 window previously that I can remember. The car was and old build with some new items added in the upgrades. I thought this was Julian’s but I am not sure.

I finally met Tom who owns this very nice 33 roadster. It was dark when he arrived but I did manage to take some photos.

Washington Blue is the new Red on Deuces. This beauty is available for $99K if you want to purchase yourself an early Christmas present. The Deuce hiboy is still the king of the road to many folks.

Friday’s Feature!

Henry’s sedan has many outstanding features such as the floor work shown below. Rodders Journal is shooting a feature in Daytona on this top notch sedan.

I love fabrication skills and this front floor and tunnel really is an excellent piece of work. Steadfast Mfg. in Ohio built the car. Deuce sedans are the new roadsters of this decade. Try riding home over the Grapevine in a roadster at midnight….very cold.

Henry also outdid himself on the rear floor also. Note the raised wheel wells and mini tubs. Many hours and lots of skill are required to turn out work like this. You don’t need to carpet over this floor just paint it and throw a mat over it while driving.


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