Friday’s Fun

I am feeling better so I headed over to Carl’s to see his new Deuce tudor he purchased. Carl is 82 years old and has started on a new hot rod. Yes, he is still cranking them out all in his fully equipped garage. The weather has been warm and rainy but just right for working in the garage. I had promised him some catalogs for his perusal and he was happy to receive them.

Carl has several cars in his collection plus several Indian motorcycles from 1909 – 1942, all restored. He is real knowledgeable about the Indian and Indian/Crocker OHV conversion motorcycles. We finally came to the Deuce which he has stored in the rear of his shop to start the long building process. I looked it over and couldn’t believe how cherry and complete this sedan was considering the age. This is the way to start on a sedan. He is simply going to buff it out, add the Ardun and drive it. The engine cost more than the car by a bunch but will be a screamer with around 300 h.p. I will be following the build on Pewsplace. Thanks Carl for a Fun Friday.

I came home and went to work on Andre’s body. I had to make some patches for the rear lower tail light holes that the previous owner had installed. I am running two stock lights and didn’t require the holes. I spent the rest of the afternoon making the two patches. Time well spent and the only holes left to fill will be completed tomorrow.

Dave and I tried to locate a 40 coupe this afternoon also but it only lasted two hours on Craigslist. Keep looking as they show up every day in your own back yard.

Please note that the For Sale Section will be closed until next year.

Have a great weekend.

Stay Tooned!


You can hardly walk in the garage which is full of projects but the cherry sedan can be seen here with his RPU on the upper lift. Carl does it all and is a master machinist

A Ferguson built flathead is complete and ready to install in the sedan/sedan delivery. He has added a C-4 transmission for ease of driving on the freeways.

The block has been machined for a special oiling system which is required to provide the oil in all the right places. Carl made the intake and many pieces for the engine.

Here is a partial view of his Indian collection. He built everyone of them from the ground up.

I gave him this photo of a sedan delivery that Roy built for a customer. He loved it and the photo solved his concern for what type of steering to use with the large engine.

I made patches for the large tail light holes. I find this time consuming but worthwhile for filling the large hole. The stock tail light mounts above the patch and the wires run through the smaller hole into the tail light housing.

The firewall is completed and ready for finish body work and priming. I filled 44 holes in total. Patches were cut for 23 of them.

I am really tempted to paint the firewall ‘Vanilla Shake” but the wife doesn’t like it. That is the color we used to use. I used a paint brush and house paint on my first 40 coupe.

I love this photo of the proud Deuce sedan owner. Sometimes we need to love our cars that were so much a part of our life. He looks happy and so does the car.

I admire the 5 window hiboy look. This is a classic hot rod and should be in my garage.

Three window Larry built this one and set the bar real high. The car now resides in CA and I have seen it once.

 Today’s Deuce Sedan’s!

My pocketbook allows me to start with this style of sedan and I prefer the challenge. I know many of you started here on your dream hot rod.

The owner backed out the Deuce to have a look after chopping the top on his delicious sedan hiboy. I want one like this. I have chopped my own but would have the Kennedy Boys perform the work. They know chop tops.


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