Friday’s Fun

Yesterday was a good one for Tour 2. Jane and I headed over to HHR and Old Crow Speed shop to see what was going on and meet up with some of our friends. The weather was great and lots of cars showed up to visit the shops. Both places were full of people and their staffs were more than cooperative to tell you about the cars under construction. Deuce were parked everywhere on Palm Street and photo opportunities were staring me in the eye. Jane talked to the Deuce owners and I shot the photos. We spent a couple of hours and then left for some lunch. H&H Flathead was the last stop of the day and Dave sent me a couple of photos of the vast inventory of blocks they have in stock. The day of the Deuces was a wonderful experience.

Today is very windy but the activity starts tonight and ends tomorrow with over 400 Deuces expected at the Petersen. You don’t want to miss this exhibit if you love cars. The Petersen has something for everyone.

Stay Tooned!


George sent along a flyer for the 50th Anniversary Picnic held in Northern CA in 1982 which he helped organize. The Deuce has a strong loyal following since its inception and is still strong today.

Bruce Meyer’s tour included this beautiful 40 standard Woody that Roy just freshened up. Bruce has all the Deuces but this Woody is a recent addition and of course, has history as do all of his cars.

I am a sedan lover and this delivery caught my eye. The interior was finished in stained wood and looked comfy. The license plate said GA but I think it is from the collection in Fresno.

Luggage rackswere everywhere on the Deuces. I know storage is at a premium in these cars so the racks come in handy. Period perfect 70’s resto- rod.

A couple of Bay Area Deuces stopped in to see the shops. Note the front and rear fenders on roadster. Black wheels are the current rage on the West coast.

The Old Crow Speed Shop has lots of visitors and everything was labeled. The shop was in tip top shape. Neat place if you are ever in Burbank please stop by and say hello. Nice folks.

Inside is like going back to the 40’s & 50’s.. neat stuff everywhere. Walls, ceilings and floors were covered with memorabilia  and parts from the early days. My wife is staring at the 5 window as that was our first Deuce in 1965.

This early Indy car was being rebuilt with all work being done in house. The belly tank speedster is the shop’s record holding Bonneville racer complete with vintage hauler.

Oakland’s HD dealer, Dan, drove his Moal built cutie on the tour. The Walsh built motor has 6 carbs at $5 per gallon. Jane liked this one. I wonder how it survived our freeways. Beautiful craftsmanship on the car was done by the best of the best in the Bay Area.

Sid’s perfect 5 window was my favorite at the first tour stop. Sid has freshened up this oldie to be first cabin. Again, note the black wire wheels and smoothed side wall BFG’s. How do they do that?

When you heard the owner start this hot rod you knew it was a healthy engine by the bad boy sound. The car had a super nice black paint job including the painted black wheels.

 Today’s Favorite

Roy drove his brilliant blue 5 window (former Bubba Bug’s) to H&H to see the large collection of blocks they have in inventory. The Bronze roadster is  owned by Richard Muntz and built by Roy.

Just a small sample of blocks awaiting the H&H touch for their customers. How many boat anchors of you need? Prices on blocks in good condition can make you appreciate crate engines.

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